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Benefits of Having and Joining a Giveaway Event on Your Blog

Giveaway Event
You might already notice that we have giveaways here in the blog recently, usually more than once a month. I've been trying to have it more than once so that everyone would enjoy coming back here in the blog and at the same time we get to enjoy the giveaways.

Some bloggers don't like having a giveaway in their blog or some may just take it for granted that they didn't give an importance to it. But I am well aware that most the bloggers are aware of the benefits of joining the giveaways but for some new bloggers or to some bloggers who have not tried this yet, and for some who did not have any interest on this let me give you an insight on the benefits of joining the giveaways and having it in your blog.

Increase social media fans and followers

When you join a giveaway you'll be asked link(s) to your social media account like Facebook and twitter, the giveaway coordinator will then include the tasks where the contestants of the giveaway can increase their chances in winning a giveaway through following you on Twitter or liking your blog fan page.

So obviously, when you join the giveaway you'll be able to increase your social media fans and followers. The great thing about this is that they're REAL people, not a dummy account or a false name since the contestants will require to join with their valid and real accounts to be able to validate the winners. So if they carry a false name, then they'll surely be disqualified.

Expose yourself

Obviously, when new and REAL people will be following you in your social media accounts, there's a great chance that they'll be able to read your blog posts and awesome ideas.

Gain recognition

Now that you gain exposure, there's also a great chance that you'll gain recognition in your niche. Obviously, they'll read your blog and they'll keep coming back and be able to find out about you and the information you're sharing through your blog. When you give helpful tips and the information that they need, then surely you'll be recognize in your expertise.

Gain advertisers

Who would like to advertise on blogs that does not have any fans, followers or a blog that does not have any readers. So by increasing your social media fans and followers a lot of advertisers will try to contact you and would surely like to advertise on your blog.

Gain traffic

when you tweet and share giveaways on your blog, letting everyone know what you are giving away on the blog then surely they would like to visit your blog and get a chance to win. Imagine if you're giving away some cash, or iPad like here in Bloggers Tech then surely they'll want to join the giveaway through visiting your blog and doing simple tasks to get a chance to win. Therefore, they'll surely stay on your blog and complete their entry.

Also, you can have a spot as a host in the giveaway but it comes with a price. The benefits of having the spot as a host is that it's where the contestants will be able to find the list of blogs to follow or like, so they need to visit that certain page in a certain blog so that means traffic on your blog.

Links to Your Blog

One of its benefits that I know SEOs like me would love to take the opportunity to have is gaining QUALITY links from multiple sites. You can gain links to your blog if you avail the EVENT CO-HOST spot which is usually have a limited spot and more costly than the page hosting.

These are the main benefits of joining a giveaway and posting it on your blog, actually there are some other benefits when you join the giveaway for some events you can ask the contestants to leave a comment on your blog or do some other simple tasks.

Businesses can also take this opportunity to gain exposure online. This means that you need some budget for this and that means some expenses but with proper planning, marketing techniques and with the right people helping you with this, marketing your business online can be a huge success by just taking this opportunity.

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