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8 Secrets to Writing Faster Blog Posts

My main plan is to actually update and post 3 blog posts each week here in Bloggers Tech, but with the giveaways, announcements, must publish immediately posts I got lost with my own pattern and own schedules. Some may have noticed that I even post twice a day since there are times there's two (2) giveaways at the same date.

Though I got lost, it was a bit messy, crazy, hectic and all, what I love most is that I was able to gain higher Alexa Rank and of course more visitors each month. Well, the result of it I love most is that more and more advertisers are trying to get in touch with me to ask me to review their product - sadly some wants me to post for free their articles or wants me to share their products to everyone (which I am thinking twice to do since it may look like I'm endorsing the product).

How Often Should a Blog be Updated?

In terms of traffic? Well, why not every day right? But the problem will be you might just kill yourself and just give yourself a headache, brain overload - whatever you call it.

What I actually do is to write articles over the weekend and aim to at least post an article once a week, but I try my best to post at least 3 post a week to at list get 1000 visits a month. I do it this way so I won't be thinking and worrying about the blog during weekends and thinking about it while working, also I could be able to know how many articles I can post for that week and knowing this helps me know why I get less traffic or what's going on with the blog.

So in short, if you've got a lot in your mind and able to write an article for each day, why not? But it's not necessary to update your blog every day, especially if you're doing it solo.

Obviously most of us bloggers do have responsibilities in our house, at work or in our own business. Don't resign your current job because you are loving whatever you get in blogging unless you're being paid more than REGULAR your job.

Don't let your blog die with a once a month blog post, that was one of the reasons why Bloggers Tech blog went down from Page Rank 3 to 2. Also, if you want to make money with your blog, no advertisers will be interested to advertise on a blog that has a once a month traffic, right?

8 Secrets to Writing Faster Blog Posts

If you wish to update your blog at least every other day, then let me share to you this simple and helpful infographic from J6Design that I think will be really useful for bloggers who are still new and also bloggers who find it hard to write articles and update their blog regularly. So here's our blogging tips for today in writing blog posts for your blog:

Don't forget what is said in the infographic ...

You are story telling.. read it out loud!

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