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What is Google Docs and Google Drive - How to Use it?

What is Google Docs and Google Drive - How to Use it?
There are already a number of blog readers and even my fellow new bloggers who asked me about Google Docs. They have a asked me questions actually like how to use Google Docs and I'm hoping that I will be able to answer at least few in today's tutorial.

To my fellow bloggers, this tutorial can also be very useful for you especially when you're writing blog posts and even creating an organize report for your giveaways. Actually, there are already quite a number of bloggers are already using Google Docs for their giveaways and data gathering to help them become a better and best blogger they can.

In the video below, I have a QUICK introduction and tour of Google Docs. I primarily give you the usage and answering the question on what is Google Docs and its difference with the Google drive. Also, I included some samples and demonstrations on how to use Google docs for it seems there are also some who are not familiar on how to use it and that includes how to create and set up Google Docs.

What are the Benefits of Using Google Docs?

Most of us are used with the Microsoft Word, Excel, generally the Microsoft office but the thing is we need license for it to work and we need it installed in our computer to be able to create, edit and update a file and that includes when we wish to have a hard copy of the file.

With Google docs you can create, edit, update and print out your file and there's no need anymore to have the software installed and all you need is a browser that is capable to let you in your Google Docs account, and obviously Google chrome will do it for you.

Another plus points about it is that you don't need to store it in a portable storage device like your flash disc. All you need as your internet connection, computer and your Google docs account.

What is Google Docs?

I'll let the video explain it which includes the difference by showing and explaining what is Google Drive and showing you on how to use Google docs.

What's in the Video?

Here are some points or topics that is discussed and explained in the video:

What is Google Docs?
What is Google Drive?
How to use Google Docs?
How to use the Google Document?
How to use the Google Spreadsheet?

Benefits of Using Google Docs
How Does Google Docs Work?
How To Open Google Docs?
How To Open Google Docs?
How To Create Google Docs?

A more in depth tutorial and demonstration on Google Docs, Google Drive and other tools and apps will come soon here in the Bloggers Tech and I suggest that you join in and subscribe to my updates and tutorials.

I hope enjoyed the video and the introduction on what is Google docs and was able to help you out in learning things and knowing its benefits.

If you have any any problems and in need help of using Google Docs, you can leave it as a comment below and I'll try my best to answer you back and help you out. Also, probably I'll be able to share it here in the blog.

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