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The Cost of Being the IRONMAN

The Cost of Being the IRONMAN

I'm a huge fan of the avengers and of course the funny, cool and expensive supah techie supah hero the Iron man. With the technology used to develop, design and complete the iron man suit. So to spice up everything here in Bloggers Tech, how about let's see if how much does it cost to be an Iron man.

With the latest shown features of Iron man shown in the first Avengers movie (which is the current latest movie that has Iron man), it's totally a wow and surely expensive to make that movie a total success.

I've been fond lately with infographic and I found this infographic online about all the expenses of being an Iron man. take a look and find out you should have if you plan or at least dream to be like Iron man or being Iron man a.k.a. Tony Stark. From it's computer, technologies used, power and laser, surely it's not a one dollar expense.

The Cost of Being the IRONMAN

So, anyone plans to be Iron man then? Or let me say do you have the funds to be one and make all the efforts to make this dream hero come true? If you have any plans to be one please do let me try the suit out. :D

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