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A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media

There are quite a number of teachers that I've met and under that I really like, they’re one of the people in this world that I am proud to say that have contributed a lot to what I am now. Actually, today is the TEACHER’S DAY here in the Philippines and as a big thanks to my wonderful and loving teachers or instructors (in college) I would like to dedicate this post to them (no lies, there are teachers that are like my Mom already or a sister).

Social Media is not limited to business, marketing, communication but it also can be used for education. So I would like share through this infographic provided by Online Colleges on how teachers could benefit and make use of the social media in improvising and making their students be more eager to learn through these social media websites through incorporating it in their classroom.

How to Use Social Media in the Classroom?

There are 4 things you can do with social media in your classroom and they are the following:


Through connecting with your students using these social media websites you and your students can easily reach out to each other. They can easily ask you questions on the projects that you assigned to them or group presentations, assignment or the lessons that they were not able to understand well, and more. In addition you can build a good teacher – student relationship and know more about your students and be able to know what things you need to improvise in teaching and who’s fast or a slow learner and help them out in building and creating a better person out of them.

Also, the relationship of your students can also improvise through this, they will learn more about each other and be able to help one another in their studies through discussions.


On the other hand, you can also easily notify your students for deadlines, events and reminders that you have. You can post event calendars on Facebook and remind your students that the exams is getting near or the project deadline is few days away.


Using these social medias you can provide a better view and better learning for your students. Not all students are fast learners and not all can understand well just through imagination or discussion. If they’re like I am (a visual learner) then it will be more easier for them to understand the lessons through live demo or visual examples.

Like when I was in college, we were discussing about the parts of the CPU, and the instructor just said that the memory is on the left side, the video card is in the lower right, etc. I’ve seen a number of times what’s inside the CPU and I know not all of them look the same and it was hard for me to know which one is which?

So through providing them images from Pinterest, video lessons and tutorials from YouTube or you may create your own video discussing the lessons so that they could just play it again when they want to learn again or review and other resources. In this way, your class will have a better understanding, better view and honestly for me it remains and last longer on my brain.


All in all you’ll be able to teach your students and they’ll be able to learn well, and you as their teacher you’ll get the best students in your class.

As mentioned above, you can use and record a video on YouTube and share it with your class wherein you discuss lessons or demonstrations. You can also use the free blogging platforms like Blogspot and Wordpress, you can also make your students to write a weekly blog post on what they learn on your class or post something to check their grammar and writing (very useful for English subject teachers) and a lot more.

Now, check out this infographic to get the whole idea in using the social media as your teaching tool.

A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media

Start having a modern teaching and learning in your class, have these social media sites not just as your tools in communication but also as learning and a tool to work.

To all my teachers and instructors thank you for your tireless hours of teaching me and my classmates (even I was very talkative in the class), a lot of you have inspired me as to who I want to be tomorrow and giving me courage on keep on fighting and doing the best even if the world seems to be on my shoulders. Thank you for being there when I needed help and guidance.

To all the teachers around the world, thank you and have a wonderful and happy teacher’s day!

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