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5 Effective Tips How To Manage Time With Your Blog

Do you have that passion to create a blog where you can express your feelings, thoughts, and personality to many people? Are you afraid that you may not be able to spend lots of your time to it?

Blogging is one of the greatest and most effective ways to share what you've learned, thought, and felt in the internet world. If you want to start your own blog, try to think about these blogging tips how to manage your time:

Set up a community blog

What is a community blog? It is a blog that is operated by lots of people with the same goals and purposes, rather than by just an individual person. Since it is run by many people, it is not your sole responsibility to keep on posting new articles on a regular basis. Many bloggers will be able to contribute new posts each week which can maintain the blog and which can make it active.

Hire a team of bloggers

Hiring a team of bloggers will also help you. This is also the same with newspapers which utilize the contributing writer who can create articles. Apparently, most of the successful blogs use the same techniques. This is because there will be constantly posting of articles which can make the blog looks attractive to many visitors.

More and more visitors will also visit your blog and read its content because each group will promote the blog. However, you may also think of its total costs. You may set up an Adsense advertisements so that you will have funds to pay your team blogger. Eventually, this will serve as your income too.

Recycle articles to save time

You may try to search related articles on your niche or topics and separate them into parts which can be applied to your blog. Using the partial interviews would also be effective. You may select the longer articles and break them into smaller posts so that you can publish each of them for a week. You can post them daily as a series.

Use audio in your blog / Podcast

Sometimes, it is simpler to record or to speak into a microphone than to write an article. You can also incorporate this to your blog so that you will have a combination of techniques. You can even use both of these techniques. You can use an MP3 recorder or even your mobile phone to record your thought sand ideas for your blog.

This is ideal for people who are always busy that they don’t even have the time to read your articles or even to surf the internet. This is also beneficial to people who are stuck in the traffic or to those who are waiting for someone. As much as possible, when ideas flow in your mind, you should record them immediately so that you won’t forget them.

Automate your blog

There are lots of blogs which let you create your post and schedule the date when it will be published.So, you can create blogs which can be posted everyday for one week ahead of time. You just have to schedule them every day which can be convenient on your part. This can save lots of your time because you will no longer need to create articles every day. As you might experience it, there are days when your schedule is fully occupied that you don’t have the time to sit in front of your computer and generate ideas for your articles.

As for what I do here in Bloggers Tech, I write blog posts on weekends and schedule it for some dates. Obviously there are some days where my brain is empty or I am not in the mood to write anything so I don't have anything for the week. But I make sure at least I could come back the week after that and update the blog, I don't usually do daily blog posts but I make sure I have at least one blog post a week.

There are also moments when it is difficult for you to create the ideas to be written and sometimes, you don’t even want to talk to others. Instead of having lots of posts today and stop for the rest of the week, why not try to write everything today and schedule the posting daily?

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