Friday, August 31, 2012

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Top 4 Hilarious iPhone 5 Parody Videos

A lot of us have been really curious what will iPhone 5 offer. There have been a lot of speculations and stuff, some are really really serious on what they think the new iPhone features be and the some just have it for fun.

Here are some hilarious and techie people I found on YouTube who spent their time to shoot a video and share with us their guess of the iPhone 5 features with a mix of fun.

So let's take a break from serious stuffs here in Bloggers Tech, let's hear it from the guys who mix technology with fun. I said FUN right? So please don't take these videos seriously, because obviously they're just for fun. 


Meet Adam Sacks of, he's a hilarious guy and that's what he do in his videos on YouTube.

I call it "Believe it or Not" because I ALMOST believed the video, I really thought that this iPhone 5 video is actually from Apple and that it's official. With the white background, no direct look and I think I'm too stupid or probably my brain's speed is too slow to get this. But good thing about it si that before the video ends, I realized it's a parody.


Here's another one, it's from and I thought it's also the real and official video and good thing is that about 20 seconds from the start of the video, you will be really dumb if you believe it.

I really found this funny because the actors is like the REAL GENIUS working at Apple and that they really act as if the iPhone 5 features they're talking about exist already. Go ahead and play it and you'll find these guys really really funny. 


I call this video from "Steve Jobs Alive" because I think I just saw younger yet weirder looking Steve Jobs in the video. Just like the actors above, they're also good in making this video. 

You'll also notice that a guy sitting on the chair, is keep on turning. Is he going to puke anytime now?

What's good in this parody video is that they also mention some problems that users have with the previous and current versions of iPhone, and they got a solution!!! tadah!....


This is not actually directly for iPhone 5 but this is one of the hilarious videos I found on YouTube. I can say it's my favourite because it made me subscribe to their channel.

The Batman is played by Eric Sax and this was produced by WatchersTV. I love their videos because it's not really serious, it's a mix of educational, information, news and fun!!! So it's not boring at all!

I don't want to give you any clue why I love this video, so go ahead and play it!


What do you think? Did it at least make you smile? Hopefully it did.

and oh! What do you think the new iPhone 5 features will be?

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