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12 Things to do AFTER You've Written a NEW Blog Post

12 Things to do AFTER You've Written a NEW Blog Post

I've been blog hopping awhile, just visiting blogs to know more about them, what their writing, how they're doing and so on. So I noticed some of their mistakes and needed steps they should take but they've taken for granted, a step that may help them get more what they have now and be among the successful blogger.

Since I found this infographic online, I thought I should share this with everyone to help and inform you on the steps that you should do after you've written and published a new blog post. As this is also a part of the Bloggers Tech blogging tips!

Doing at least 6 steps might also help in getting the best out of your blog. I don't do everything said here since I don't have that enough time to do it but I make sure that the importance steps are being done in this way I could gain traffic, help people and spread the news! But then, if you could do all 12 would be great and you'll surely get a quality traffic, that means visitors to your blog that are really interested about your topic.

I believe this will be also be really helpful to everyone in taking that step forward in being a successful blogger. This will eat time, I know but if you can do it or afford some automation tools then go for it!

So here it is, the 12 things to do after you've written a new blog post and publish it.

12 Things to do AFTER You've Written a NEW Blog Post

So to summarize (and since you can't copy and paste it on your notes) here are the 12 things to do after you've written a new blog post:

  • Keyword Optimize your Post
  • Syndicate your Content
  • Shorten your URL's Content
  • Tailor Your Status Update
  • Post Teasers on Other Relevant Sites
  • Bookmark Your Content
  • Comment on other Blogs
  • Seek and Assist on Twitter
  • Add to E-mail Signature
  • Share your Blog Post to Target Customers
  • Add your Blog Post to your Next News Letter
  • Ask Other Bloggers to Mention Your Post
I would advice that you grab these and post it on your notes so that you can easily be reminded of these steps and be able to experience and be one of the known successful bloggers.

I'll be discussing about this next week here at Bloggers Tech to help you out and guide you in doing these steps, since I know the last step might be hard to some who are shy like me. But just write an e-mail to these bloggers, close your eyes, take a deep breathe and click send. :D

Don't just keep on writing new blog post without promoting them online and marketing your blog. People will not just discover it when you publish it, you need to love it first before others will. That's why I always say that you must love and passionate about your niche so that you're motivated and will love to spread blog posts and information about your blog.

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