Sunday, September 30, 2012

What is an Ultrabook?

With a lot of types of computer these days, some of you may get overloaded with these techie words and information with the latest technologies these days. So what is an Ultrabook?

Here are some definitions I found online that may help you tell and find out what is an ultrabook.

An Ultrabook is a higher-end type of subnotebook defined by Intel. Ultrabooks are designed to feature reduced bulk without compromising performance and battery life. They use low-power Intel Core processors, solid-state drives, and unibody chassis to help meet this criteria. Due to their limited size, they typically omit common laptop features such as disc drives and ethernet ports.

- Wikipedia -

The definition from wikipedia may be too techie or brain overload to some of you so hopefully this definition below from Tech Target will be more definitive and help you understand.

An ultrabook is a category of thin and light laptop computers designed to bridge the market gap between tablets and premium notebook PCs. Ultrabooks provide more business-friendly features than tablets and more portability than enterprise-class notebooks....

Ultrabooks are sometimes confused with netbooks. In comparison, ultrabooks use more powerful processors and have better video performance, faster storage, more RAM and larger screen sizes. As a consequence, ultrabooks are significantly more expensive than netbooks. However, ultrabook prices are expected to drop as low as $500 as Intel transitions to its "Hawell" system-on-a-chip (SoC) processors.

- Tech Target -

Now, to people who are like me who can learn and understand more through visual learning here is a video discussing about "WHAT IS AN ULTRABOOK? " from Channel Intel - I'm not sure but I think it's the official YouTube Channel of Intel.

Here's another one from Locker Gnome - one of my favorite source in YouTube, some may find him weird but I like him very much. I find smart people sexy! Anyway, go watch this:

What I like about Ultrabooks its thin and light - I like this not because I'm fat it's because it means it will be easy to carry around and that's a total plus for a home base worker like me. One of the plus features for me is the long battery life, I sometimes go out and work in a cafe or somewhere since I do travel from time to time and being able to use my computer longer can help me be productive while in a travel.

One of the things I don't like living in my country is that we don't have access on the latest technologies. If we do, they're totally expensive. I've seen (in person) few ultrabooks so far. I don't visit much the computer shops here in Cebu Philippnes because I just get envy and droll on these technologies. I felt like I'm killing myself in getting envy.

Ultrabooks are totally more expensive compared to the netbooks. The netbooks are already expensive for me and how much more the ultrabook? I've been to the Toshiba store here in Cebu and saw this really awesome ultrabook. It has all these specs that I need and want and of course it is very expensive (5 to 6 months of my salary - that's how expensive it is for me) but I really would love to have that.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Introducing Google Page Rank And Alexa Rank

Introducing Google Page Rank And Alexa Rank

There are some bloggers who tries to get in touch with me asking me about SEO, page rank, alexa, why they have to rank and so on. That's why I'm including this topic here at Bloggers Tech because of this, in this way at least through blogging I could help to you guys in getting to know the importance of SEO and how to do it yourself. 

I know I haven't discussed it that much here but I'll try to get some of my time to discuss it thoroughly with everyone. I want to start at the basics since I don't want to overload everyone with terms that you're not familiar with.

So if some of you are new, please do take time to watch the video discussing about "What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?" where I tried to explain in simplest way that I can.

Today, I want to talk about Google Page Rank and the Alexa Rank, in this way you could tell the difference between the two and you'll also get the basic information and get the idea out of it, just also to add up to our blogging tips.

Google Page Rank signifies how crucial your website is in comparison to all other websites and Alexa Rank is the amount of site visitors your website will get in relation to all other websites for the Internet. You're aiming to have a higher Google Page Rank(also referred to as PR) and a lower Alexa Rank. 

Taking a look at both of these calculated features does is provide you some plan of how effectively, or how terribly, your website is accomplishing compared to all other websites. Allows discover both of these rankings inside of a small a lot more depth.

What is Google Page Rank?

The co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, illustrate Google Page Rank to be a tool created to rank a website that is definitely outlined while in the Google search index. 

A Page Rank of the web page is presented over a scale of 0-10. Page Rank 0 may be the lowest probable rating for the website and conversely a 10 is definitely the optimum rating probable. The higher Page rank is outlined because of the total, importance (Page Rank) and relevance of websites that link towards the web page in dilemma. 

Whenever a web page backlinks to a different web page, Google take into account that to get a vote to the web page in problem and so of some value.

You will find a formula connected to how Page Rank is calculated but to the applications of the posting it truly is as well in depth, but when you might be considering the idea driving Page Rank (PR) then a fast search on Google will present successful.

What is Alexa Rank?

The Alexa Rank differs to Google PR. Alexa rank websites based mostly exclusively on traffic to your website. Alexa rank websites in descending purchase in direction of 0, exactly where essentially the most hugely visited website about the Internet is provided a rank of 0. At this stage in time the highest a few rated websites (most guests) on Alexa are, 0 - Yahoo, 1 - Google and 2 - MySpace. 

In accordance to Alexa these 3 websites obtain the most traffic to the Internet. Alexa Rankings differ from one into a billion. Just about every website within the world is provided during the Alexa Rank, therefore the scale on the Alexa rating is continually shifting in relation to other websites within the Internet.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Apple iPad vs iPad 2 vs New iPad

The Apple iPad vs iPad 2 vs New iPad

As some of you may know and though we do have an iPad giveaways here in Bloggers Tech, it's ironic that I don't have an Apple iPad of my own. Honestly, I'm just waiting for the iPad to be cheaper and then the iPad 2 came out and obviously the first iPad becomes cheap but then I want the iPad 2. Now, the New iPad (a.k.a. iPad 3) came out and it's crazy! So I ask myself when can I grab the new iPad, maybe someday but my hands is itching for it. :D

Before we start, I would like to inform everyone that Bloggers Tech is now an affiliate of Apple but I'm just affiliated with their apps and not the whole Apple store. So yes, they're not hosting or sponsoring the iPad giveaways. 

But then nothing's gonna stop me on letting you guys avail the Apple iPad here at Bloggers Tech and have the iPad best buy now. As of now I only have the Amazon store for Bloggers Tech, I don't like the current Apple's third party affiliate program for the Apple store.

Amazon Store of Bloggers Tech

Below is the amazon store of Bloggers Tech, first generation of iPad to the new iPad is available. I didn't include the iPad with a network (AT&T and Verizon) but you could make a request and let me know if you prefer to include that too.

It will be really great if you could buy iPad through Bloggers Tech because you could help me in maintaining and keeping this blog alive. Keep doing what I am doing now and sharing some tips, tricks, information and news. So if you're planning to buy an ipad, then have the best buy iPad here at Bloggers Tech!

But to help you decide and know the difference among the Apple iPad released here's an informative and helpful infographic on the Apple iPad. Below you'll find the comparison on the iPad First Gen, iPad 2, the New iPad also known as the iPad 3. So I hope this will enlighten you all about the Apple iPad and get the best buy iPad gadget!

iPad vs iPad 2 vs New iPad best buy

I don't have my own Apple iPad yet, even just the first gen Ipad, or the iPad 2 or the new iPad 3 because it's really expensive and I want to have the best buy iPad price I could grab. Though some of you may say it's not that expensive, it's expensive $300 in my country could already pay one semester for college, or pay all my monthly bills and groceries. So rather than buying iPad, I go for keeping it for any emergencies and paying bills.

For those who have used the Bloggers Tech iPad Store above, thank you so much for grabbing the iPad best buy price through us. 

How about you? 

Do you already have the new iPad or are you still in the first gen iPad? How useful the iPad for you? Share your thoughts and cheers!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

September the NEW iPad Giveaway

September the NEW iPad Giveaway

I know you miss this as much as I do. I'm trying to get back the giveaways and some giveaway groups have actually stopped and hopefully the iPad Mania will remain. So as to support Isis, the Bay Area Mommy I'll try to join the iPad giveaway each month.

As we all know, the NEW iPad is now out and I know everyone wants to get their hands on it. Bloggers Tech and all the fellow bloggers who made this all possible would like to give you a chance to have your very own tablet, the Apple NEW iPad.

Today is actually the Birthday of Isis, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ISIS! She's been a great online friend (since we've never met yet) and a cool Mom. Cheers to your success and may more blessings to come to you Isis!

Join us as we celebrate Isis' Birthday and this chance to have your very own the Apple NEW iPad!

This giveaway is hosted by Bay Area Mommy with co-hosts NYC Single Mom, The Frugal Pinoy and Confessions of a Messy Mama.

Prize: New iPad (or equivalent cash)
Giveaway dates: September 16 (9PM EST) - October 7 (11:59PM EST)
Eligibility: Worldwide. 18+. Void where prohibited.

Disclosure: This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment. For questions regarding this giveaway, please email Bay Area Mommy at

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I also want to grab this opportunity to promote the Bloggers Tech service the CARICATURE YOURSELF where my Caricature Artist friend and I will make you and draw a custom caricature. It's totally affordable guys and great quality of service so I'm inviting you all to have your own custom caricature.

Check out these samples of the caricature of our previous customers...

More services and features are coming here in Bloggers Tech so do subscribe, like, follow and visit the blog regularly.

Thank you very much and enjoy!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Blogging for Children: Starting them Young

Blogging for Children: Starting them Young

Encouraging youngsters to partake themselves in today’s modern technology may be hard and troubling, specifically once they devote the majority of their time on it. If you happen to figure it out, the positive aspects of getting in front of your computer and recognizing the fundamentals, you may teach it for your children and voila! An online artist, computer specialist, or maybe a journalist may be born.

For those who see the future of writing in your children, enrich his skills. By beginning with this, get him hooked up towards the blogging community. Teach him the foundation specifics, methods and advantages of getting a blogger but before you do, ensure that you've the expertise at the same time with the critical tools for creating his way by means of assistance and a great deal of motivation. Well, of course a computer will be wonderful and that is also the same with an internet connection within your home.

Kids embrace fame and loves obtaining a person to recognize what they do. Acceptance, acknowledgement and consideration will provide adequate self-esteem for them to develop and will totally help them as they grow in this world, and introducing the blogging society for your youngsters will help expand his knowledge in the English language, improve grammatical expertise, gain blogging tips and advance spelling talents.

The child’s development in the art of writing at a flourishing age is really an enrichment of one's child’s revolutionary thoughts. Moreover, blogging can have a number of positive aspects:

Sense of Responsibility

Let your kid realize that blogging will not be basically posting any particular accountabilities are brought up like updating, posting on their blogs, answering reader’s queries, sources and many more.


Its connection towards the world that is outside your home will allow children to reach out to distant relatives and close friends and finding updates and troubles of what’s going on.


Upon realizing a child’s potentials, improve it. Attending and supporting his talents presents desire within the kid and he could be far more comfortable to profess his abilities.

Improves vocabulary

It does not cease in studying ABC, your kid has the chance to play with all the words. Make them think and challenge themselves in writing a readable and quality article. Like how he could build an efficient sentence that could impact each the reader plus the writer and what he needs to discover to handle words or phrases, properly.

As parents, deliver the optimum level of understanding and commitment to your youngsters. Be aware for the consequences in handling the virtual world. Some scenes and websites are not that suitable to pay a visit to for your children so make sure these kinds of sites are blocked and being kept away from your children. 

Your child will have to also be reminded that privacy must be maintained and unveiling information is risky and jeopardizing, that it is not safe for posting.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12 Things to do AFTER You've Written a NEW Blog Post

12 Things to do AFTER You've Written a NEW Blog Post

I've been blog hopping awhile, just visiting blogs to know more about them, what their writing, how they're doing and so on. So I noticed some of their mistakes and needed steps they should take but they've taken for granted, a step that may help them get more what they have now and be among the successful blogger.

Since I found this infographic online, I thought I should share this with everyone to help and inform you on the steps that you should do after you've written and published a new blog post. As this is also a part of the Bloggers Tech blogging tips!

Doing at least 6 steps might also help in getting the best out of your blog. I don't do everything said here since I don't have that enough time to do it but I make sure that the importance steps are being done in this way I could gain traffic, help people and spread the news! But then, if you could do all 12 would be great and you'll surely get a quality traffic, that means visitors to your blog that are really interested about your topic.

I believe this will be also be really helpful to everyone in taking that step forward in being a successful blogger. This will eat time, I know but if you can do it or afford some automation tools then go for it!

So here it is, the 12 things to do after you've written a new blog post and publish it.

12 Things to do AFTER You've Written a NEW Blog Post

So to summarize (and since you can't copy and paste it on your notes) here are the 12 things to do after you've written a new blog post:

  • Keyword Optimize your Post
  • Syndicate your Content
  • Shorten your URL's Content
  • Tailor Your Status Update
  • Post Teasers on Other Relevant Sites
  • Bookmark Your Content
  • Comment on other Blogs
  • Seek and Assist on Twitter
  • Add to E-mail Signature
  • Share your Blog Post to Target Customers
  • Add your Blog Post to your Next News Letter
  • Ask Other Bloggers to Mention Your Post
I would advice that you grab these and post it on your notes so that you can easily be reminded of these steps and be able to experience and be one of the known successful bloggers.

I'll be discussing about this next week here at Bloggers Tech to help you out and guide you in doing these steps, since I know the last step might be hard to some who are shy like me. But just write an e-mail to these bloggers, close your eyes, take a deep breathe and click send. :D

Don't just keep on writing new blog post without promoting them online and marketing your blog. People will not just discover it when you publish it, you need to love it first before others will. That's why I always say that you must love and passionate about your niche so that you're motivated and will love to spread blog posts and information about your blog.

Monday, September 10, 2012

$100 American Express Gift Card Giveaway

I'm happy to say that the giveaways here in Bloggers Tech is back! I am aware that everyone is looking for this, I was busy with a lot of stuff. I'm working for clients and the new features of this blog and the other blog. Whew!

So anyway, I know you want to get started and enter the giveaway to WIN! I'll try my best to have at least once a month giveaway event in the blog so you'll also be able to enjoy and make money with the blog.

Please do take note that this giveaway is only open for residents in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Join now!

$100 Amex Gift Card

Welcome to the $100 American Express Gift Card Giveaway!

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RewardIt will allow users to earn virtual currency called Reward$ just by searching the web, playing games, watching videos, redeeming coupons and much more! 

Enter to win a $100 American Express Gift Card.

Open in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blogs to Riches Club VIP Membership Giveaway

We've got a lot of stuff going on this month of September here at Bloggers Tech and not just any happenings but I know it's your favorite - that is THE GIVEAWAYS.

Here is one of the event here in the blog where I totally suggest that bloggers and wanna be bloggers should totally join in. I'm actually a member already and the people in this club is so friendly and they even visit your blog and get to know you, so if you want to network with awesome bloggers - especially business niche bloggers - this is the right place.

Not just that! Lisa herself also interacts with everyone which is totally awesome. So come on guys and join in! Read the details below provided by Giveaway Promote and the Blogs to Riches Club.

Blogs To Riches Club is having a grand opening party and you're invited!

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Come and see what all the buzz is about and enter to win a VIP membership to the exclusive Inner Circle at "The Club". Prizes valued at over $2,600.

From Lisa Cash Hanson, the author of "Get Famous The Most Amazing Mom Bloggers Resource On The Planet" (one of the most talked about blogger’s resources), comes the hottest new blogging community on the planet, the Blogs To Riches Club.

Blogs To Riches Club is the exclusive, invitation only blogging, business and entrepreneurs community. It's free to become a member but openings are limited.

If you want to learn how you can live the life of your dreams, be energized, enjoy more financial freedom, overcome obstacles, expand your influence and have fun, the Blogs To Riches Club is the place for you.

Let your blog do the work and make money while you enjoy the freedom of living the life you've always dreamed of!

Listen as Lisa shares exclusive details right here!

This giveaway features one of the most talked about groups in the Blogs To Riches Club, The Inner Circle At "The Club".

The Inner Circle is where bloggers come to really go deep and grow their business and blog like never before. It's the Mastery Coaching Club where Lisa reveals never before seen strategies she's used in her own business.

In the Inner Circle, Lisa will be sharing exact email pitches, top resources, methods used to launch her first book, how she made money blogging in the first two weeks and more.

Check out the demo video of the Blogs To Riches Club.

Lisa has been featured on Yahoo!, named Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Mom Tech Blog & Blogtrepreneur’s Top 40 Mompreneurs to follow on Twitter. She is the founder of Mompreneur Mogul, an award winning blog where business and inspiration meet. Her weekly newsletter is filled with tips for those who want to make money blogging and get media attention for their blogs.

Enter to win prizes valued at over $2,600!

Grand Prize

One year VIP membership to the exclusive Inner Circle of the Blogs to Riches Club and a private mastery coaching session with Lisa Cash Hanson.

Other Prizes

1 six month and 2 three month VIP memberships to the exclusive Inner Circle of the Blogs to Riches Club.

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Disclosure: Lisa has achieved some amazing results and she is sharing her strategies with you. However, individual results will vary. Blogs To Riches Club, Momprenuer Mogul, and Lisa Cash Hanson are not promising you riches. Your success is up to you.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

10 Best Free Apple Apps at the US Apple Store

If you're looking for the Best FREE Apple apps for your Apple product gadget, then this is surely is meant for you.

I found a way to get the latest and The 10 Best FREE Apple apps at the Apple App Store in the US and YES this post will be REGULARLY and Automatically UPDATED every time Apple got the new list. That means you can just bookmark this post and peak here anytime to get the latest list.

Then again, below are the list of best Apple apps in the US so if you're outside from the US I'll provide a link soon in this post where I'll also give you the Best apple apps in certain countries.


The free apple app title, description, details genre and released date is included. Of course, some reviews too from existing users of these free apps where they give their reviews at the US Apple app store.

So yes, it's a pretty good way to give you guys the list so I do hope you'll enjoy this and bookmark the post. You can just click on the link (TITLE OF THE APP) to visit the site to download it and try it yourself.

Please do take note that this is generally ALL FREE APPLE APPS - nothing specific. But if you want, you can use the search box below to search apps that you would like to have.

If you want to request for something specific (e.g. Best 10 Apps for Business, Apps for Social Networking) let me know through leaving it as a comment below and I'll try to provide it. If you can include your real e-mail (use it when you leave a comment) that would be great so that I could personally contact you that I've successfully done your request. Okay?


So here it is guys the 10 Best Free Apple Apps at the USA Apple Store


Then I suggest that you use the search box below by typing in your keyword.


Social Media Image Sizing Guide - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+

Bloggers do need to have a social media account - personal or not - for many reasons. It is important that we also make it look at least inviting for our readers and if you can we should also make a trademark on our social media accounts on these social media websites so that people and especially your readers can easily tell that it's YOU and/or your blog account. They could tell the difference between other blogs or sites and you through making that stand out look online.

The problem of some designers and some people who would like to create a customized image for their accounts is that the image sizing for the social media accounts. From Facebook covers, Twitter back drop, or Google+ covers, etc. they have different sizes that they require so that your image will be the exact fit and will look great when your readers and fans sees it.

I found this infographic from ORIGINAL GINGER wherein it has all the major social media image sizing guide and I would like to share it with everyone here in Bloggers Tech.

The social media included in this image sizing guide are the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

So obviously in this guide you'll find the sizes for Facebook cover, Facebook profile picture, Facebook favorite app, Twitter Background, Twitter profile image, Linkedin avatar or profile image size, Linkedin banner size, YouTube channel avatar size, YouTube channel background, Pinterest avatar, Pinterest maximum image size for pinning, Google plus single banner and Google+ profile image, and of course Google plus company page banner size.

Anyway, here is the Social Media Image Sizing Guide:

If you've got some corrections or update on this feel free to leave it as a comment. So that everyone would know the latest update on this. I would totally appreciate that too. :)

Hopefully soon I'll be able to include this in my services wherein I could create and design this for you. But with my busy schedule and the pricing for this - since I have to make it affordable too - it's quiet complicated.

Thanks guys and enjoy!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

ABT Electronics Coupons, Discounts and Promo - Sept 3, 2012

I want to add up another feature or let's just say updates here in the blog. Wherein I'll be sharing with everyone the coupons, deals, discounts and promos from electronic stores (or stores that has electronics / gadget / tech products. In this way, you could get the best item for your techie lifestyle (or maybe wanna be techie?). 

Please be aware though that the links below are affiliate links (just so you know) - my way of keeping the blog alive - but no worries it would NOT INCREASE the price of the item but SURELY WILL GIVE YOU LESS PRICE. So it would be totally great if you wanna buy any of the items below, use the link from this site so that I could keep on doing this and keep on sharing to you more information! :D

Here are some of the list of items that is included in the on going promotions of ABT Electronics for this update:

  • Sharp LED TV (Free Blu-ray Player)
  • Refrigerator
  • HDTV
  • Sony TV (Free PlayStation 3)
  • Home Entertainment Speaker System
  • Speakers
  • Vacuum
  • Nikon D3100 14 Megapixel Digital SLR 
  • Sony DSLR Cameras
  • Sony Handycam camcorders
  • iPad Case

I know some of the items above are for home appliances but hey, maybe you want it. So let me just include that.

I'll try to regularly update the blog with this but I can't make any promise since I'm busy with work and I'm working on the latest feature for Bloggers Tech and my other blog, also an app that bloggers could use. So yes, my brain is that busy. LOL.

Here are the list of current ABT Electronics Coupons, Discounts and Promo - as of now received on September 3, 2012.

Note: Expiration date of offers is stated so please do check if it's expired or not. The End date is also in my time (Philippines Time) so if you're in the US, just deduct 1 day from it and that will be the expiration date in your time.

Abt's Labor Day Sale! Save on Thousands of Products!

End Date: 2012-09-05 12:59:59 +0800
FREE Playstation 3 w/ purchase of select Sony 55" TVs!

End Date: 2012-09-09 12:59:59 +0800
Receive a FREE LG Blu-ray player w/ select LG HDTVs

End Date: 2012-09-09 12:59:59 +0800
I'll try to look up some more if I could find any electronic stores that we could make use of in sharing here. 

It would be great if you subscribe to the RSS of Bloggers Tech or like our FAN PAGE or follow me on twitter to get updates. Because it will not be just coupons that will be GIVING AWAY FOR FREE here  in the blog but also some cash or items. 

There will be upcoming events this month here in Bloggers Tech so watch out for it - better subscribe to the updates! 

Lastly, if you notice the photo above, that will be the trademark for our ABT deals so if you're also following me on Pinterest you should notice that image if you like to have ABT Electronics updates.

Okay? Great! Thank you guys!