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5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Blog Guest – Part 2

I’ve decided to make this discussion of the mistakes done by other bloggers as a guest on someone else’s blog to be broken into parts. I have written it really, really long (unintentional) because I want to thoroughly discuss it and lay it out to everyone these mistakes.

For some who were not able to read the previous part, just click here: 5 Mistakes to Avoid as aBlog Guest – Part 1

So to continue the discussion, or the explanation here’s the second part of 5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Blog Guest .


In connection to what I’ve said on the previous post (Part 1), if you’re unwilling and forced to be a guest for some selfish reasons you won’t be able to give a quality content or interview to the other blog.

Like for example, when asked “Do you have any unforgettable experience as a blogger? What was it?” which I think (if you ask me this) would be a really long one. Sadly, to some lazy bloggers that doesn’t give any value to the guested blog they just say “When I got an award as a best blogger of the year.” Or some will just say “When I was at the mall and this person greeted and recognized me, it’s a long story…” and to some which was really funny for me was just “YES”...

This may not be your blog, you want to be famous and you want people to want you and go to your blog and read your posts. You can’t even provide a great interview or post to other blog, what more to yours?

Let me ask you this, when you eat chips in public, are you going to eat it like a pig or eat it slowly but surely? This is the same with being a guest on a blog, you don’t want to show other’s ON PUBLIC (even if the blog and blogger is not yet famous) that you’re a pig, you show them that you’re polite and with manners. Some even brag some stories and achievements that they have to people, some share some great stories and interesting topics just to make their friends or the crowd be interested and listen to them, what more when it’s blogging where IT WILL BE THERE FOREVER, but well unless if the site was taken down.

Again, don’t do this. If you just did this please stop it. The blog owner will totally regret it for the rest of his life that he invited you or let you be a guest, and this will be publish it a blog and it will not be just between you and the blog owner but the whole world. Imagine advertisers, businesses, or even other bloggers who would also love to have you.


This is the problem that I’ve noticed and it has really a HUGE EFFECT to some people who reject being a guest on other blogs. It’s because they either have the same niche, or the other is getting famous than the other or the other don’t want the newbie to be known.

It’s a competition, yes it is. You may have the same market, you may have same niche or target area but think about it, Google have updated their algorithm and ever since way back before Google gives huge credit to blogs or websites that are linked to the same topic.

For example, if my topic is making passive income and I’ve invited Pat Flynn (a really great and down to earth guy) to be the guest here in Bloggers Tech, and his blog is about SMART PASSIVE INCOME. Google loves that! It only means that Pat Flynn do really have the content and do discuss about passive income and would be really great to let him appear on the result when searched about passive income.

With the recent update on Google’s algorithm the Penguin update it gives a huge credit to the sample above. But if we say, I have a passive income topic and invited a fitness blogger, there’s really no connection to her blog at all. I’ve experience the negative effect of the Penguin update myself (not on my blog though – LOL) and it was really bad. From page 1 rank #5 it’s now down to 100. Imagine that!

So yes, this is why you must also stop THINKING ABOUT COMPETITION, the only way to beat the competition these days is to be a friend of your competitors. Stop or don’t do this mistake, I know there are some people out there who loves competition and hates being beaten out, if you’re that type of person then stop it you may just end up frustrating yourself. Be a friend not a foe, not just because you are afraid to be banned, penalized or rank down by Google but because you want to give and leave a good impression to your fellow bloggers and the blog readers.

We might not also know, maybe somewhere down the road they’ll be able to help us out when we needed someone so bad. Or maybe inspire them to do great things and achieve greatness, and at the end they’ll be thankful you were able to start or help them out in their blogging career.


What I did few months ago was I posted a thread on a group on Facebook and asked if anyone would be kind enough and interested to be interviewed to inspire people to blog and continue blogging. You can go read Why Bloggers Blog and Loving it? and be able to inspire and get tips yourself from the bloggers who were really kind enough to be interviewed.

Out of 2 groups, one group on Facebook has 2,000+ members and the other is also around that number, there were only few who volunteered to join, and this was their mistake. Though I did not PERSONALLY asked them to join, it would be totally a plus to them to be a guest on someone else’s blog.

Obviously, benefits of being a guest on someone else’s blog have been mentioned above and you just did SAID “NO THANKS!” to that.

It was quite a long topic but hopefully I was able to lay it out to everyone and was able to make everyone understand the whole benefit and must avoid mistakes as a guest blogger.

If you’ve got something to say or share, feel free to leave it as a comment below.

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