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5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Blog Guest – Part 1

I have read and invited a number of Bloggers already to be a guest on my blogs. Not just on my blog but including to my clients blogs or website. Blogging for more than a year, I’ve witnessed and read some blog posts by guest bloggers, and as a SEO expert I know the huge benefit of being a guest from someone’s website or blog.

As I have read some guest posts or even read or watching some interviews I have noticed some mistakes done by other bloggers that I think they’re not really aware off, mistakes that I would highly suggest to avoid especially if you want to be known and be really good at what you are doing.

Hopefully through this blog post (and as I am writing right now I think this will be a long one) I could be able to open up your minds and later you’ll be able to value more the other bloggers.


Up to now, though I felt like I’m really close with some of my Blogger friends (and we never even get to meet in person yet) and considering I’ve been blogging for a year, I’m still shy to ask bloggers to be a guest on my blog. It really takes a really big courage for me to type and send a message to them asking to join me here in Bloggers Tech.

What’s really going on into my mind is that “WHO THE HELL AM I TO ASK THEM?”… It’s like asking Brad Pitt to leave Angelina Jolie and marry me. Gosh!
Gladly, I found some really awesome bloggers like the “THE SOLE SISTERS” Lois and Chichi, I asked and invited them to be interviewed for my other blog Exotic Philippines and they were really really great to that interview. It was just 3 questions and a quick one. I wasn’t able to publish the interview yet though due to my busy schedule but hopefully soon I’ll get to post it there.

Anyway, these two wonderful girls are actually known. They've been on a show, on a magazine and they’ve achieved a lot along their road to their successful journey as a travel blogger, and on the other hand, I’m a 1 year old blogger who stopped travelling and now a couch potato at home.

If you think about it, they did not question who I was or if I am known or famous like them. if I am a good writer or what, but they were really cool with the interview.

On the other hand, of course there were some bloggers whom I personally contacted that did not even sent me a reply or at least “NO THANK YOU”… or maybe ask “WHAT’S THE TOPIC ALL ABOUT?”… I don’t want to jump into conclusion but maybe for some reasons they were not able to read my e-mail or message on Facebook, or maybe they were not really interested with being a guest on someone else’s blog, or maybe because I’m a nobody (or some may also think it’s because I’m from Philippines… or Cebu? From Visayas?).

We never know who or what will be there waiting for us along the road, we never know if we become the Grammy award winning actress (LOL – connection?) or maybe (hopefully not) stopped blogging. Probably, the person who you just rejected will be more famous or known that you are and have reached and achieved more than what you have now.

But then, of course I do understand that for some reasons (busy, getting married, sick, not interested) you will reject someone. But don’t reject someone just because he’s not equal but lower to you.


As mentioned above, we all have reasons to reject a request, usually (for me) I reject it (but saying it politely and apologize) because I can’t fit it into my schedule or got no idea with the topic at all.

Sad to say, some bloggers agreed to be a guest blogger for the sake of getting links from other bloggers. Or maybe they saw this blog got quite a good number of subscribers, fans and followers and they want to introduce themselves, I’m not saying that’s bad but just thinking about this without considering if you’ll be able to contribute or share with the audience a great knowledge, will just make yourself force into it.

We all know that forcing yourself into something we don’t have our hearts on it will just cause damage or lost, or maybe no quality at all. This is the same to blogging and also being a guest blogger, if we force ourselves to be a guest on the other blog and forcing yourself to be in it, you’ll end up just taking it for granted. And if you’re just taking it for granted you’ll be just giving a low quality content to the other blog, when their readers read this will you be able to attract them to your blog? Guess not. They won’t be interested at all because you’re already boring and it seems you have no idea on this at all.

So avoid this mistake, just because it’s NOT YOUR BLOG and you don’t care about the content and would love that that blog would just be gone and banned by Google. Make sure you will be able to give the best, in this way people who’ll be reading it will have that great impression about you, would want to know more about you and visit your blog, subscribe and be a fan!

To be continued...

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