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Wednesday Hump Day 50 - June 20, 2012

You’re still alive and kicking there?

Great! We’ve got the HUMP DAY GIVEAWAY today and as usual we got this giveaway running ONLY TODAY here at Bloggers Tech!
But before anything else, I would like to inform everyone that the winners of my BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY were already contacted by me and gladly (AT LAST!) they sent a reply to my messages. Got a few problems in trying to contact them, I sent them an email (which was the one they said they prefer to be contacted) and yet they did not reply in 3 days (I even made it a week). Also, I tried to add and send them a message via Facebook and Twitter and they reject my request (LOL – Well, one of the consolation prize winner did tweet me back though). There are 2 who did not sent their photos yet, so I hope they will.

So I would like to inform you guys that if you join the giveaways, if possible let us message you via your social media or check regularly your emails. Not necessarily every day (as what I do since my clients contact me there) but maybe every after few days or so, in this way you don’t get your prize forfeited.

So back to the giveaway…

So as usual here's the drill:

  • Please join only on one blog
  • A maximum of 51 entries will be considered. 
  • If you have more than 51 entries, the host reserves the right to delete duplicate or fraudulent entries.
  • Also, please use only one name, email address, or Twitter account for quicker validation of entries.
  • Once you've followed ALL the profiles (separate page to be opened through the Rafflecopter form), leave your Twitter username on the space provided for Extra Info on Rafflecopter after doing the task so we can verify your entry.
  • On the first mandatory entry, please write BLOGGERS TECH referred you. You must complete the mandatory tasks before the other entries are enabled.
  • By joining this giveaway, you agree to the Terms and Conditions on the bottom of the form. Contest is open all-day Wednesday, from June 20th, 12:01am EDT to June 20th,11:59pm EDT (June 20th, 12:01pm Philippine time to June 21st, 11:59am Philippine time).

Make sure to come back to this page after liking all the pages to enter your credentials.

Write BLOGGERS TECH on entry #1

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are the List of 25 wonderful and generous bloggers below who sponsored this to make all this possible. Feel free to visit their blogs and give them a hug...

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