Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Wednesday Hump Day 50: May 30, 2012

I know you missed this and since I’m busy again I want to wake you up with a giveaway. So here we are again with our Wednesday Hump Day!

Once you’ve liked the fan pages of all the bloggers who joined this giveaway, please leave your Facebook account name (not your fan page, not your business but your Facebook name) on the space provided. Make sure of this coz each LIKE is equivalent to one entry. So we don’t know, maybe liking the Bloggers Tech blog will make you win!

Also, it would be best if you enable us to see the pages that you liked in your info tab so we can announce the winner ASAP and very you as the winner.

On the first mandatory entry, please write BLOGGERS TECH referred you. You must complete the first 2 tasks before the others are enabled.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

By joining this giveaway, you agree to the Terms and Conditions on the bottom of the form. Contest is open all-day Wednesday, from May 30th, 12:01am EDT to May 31st,11:59pm EST (May 30th, 12:01pm Philippine time to May 31st, 11:59 am Philippine time).

Also there are a total of 26 bloggers who joined this event and please only join to ONE BLOG only. If you’ll have more than 41 entries, we have the right to disqualify your entry. Here are the list of blogs who joined this event:

My Tots Exactly | Money Saving Mindy | Sarah's Blog of Fun | Building Carpenters | Blogging For Everything | Our Food Trip | Pop Ups of My Mind | Chronicles of a Mentor | Sugah Momma | My Green Living Ideas | Fitness Fashion & Freebies | Virtual Musings | the food, the places and the bad trips! | Fit N Fab | Swexie! | Moms & Munchkins | Sonya's Happenings | Travel Quest | Fat Girl No More | Fabulous Deals and Steals | sugah designs | simple pero rock | Pensive Thoughts | Delight My Appetite | M.O.M.

I would personally like to thank every blogger who was so energetic and lively on joining and giving you guys the best giveaway you could have EACH WEEK! 

Thank you and enjoy!

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