Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Hump Day 50: May 30, 2012

I know you missed this and since I’m busy again I want to wake you up with a giveaway. So here we are again with our Wednesday Hump Day!

Once you’ve liked the fan pages of all the bloggers who joined this giveaway, please leave your Facebook account name (not your fan page, not your business but your Facebook name) on the space provided. Make sure of this coz each LIKE is equivalent to one entry. So we don’t know, maybe liking the Bloggers Tech blog will make you win!

Also, it would be best if you enable us to see the pages that you liked in your info tab so we can announce the winner ASAP and very you as the winner.

On the first mandatory entry, please write BLOGGERS TECH referred you. You must complete the first 2 tasks before the others are enabled.


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By joining this giveaway, you agree to the Terms and Conditions on the bottom of the form. Contest is open all-day Wednesday, from May 30th, 12:01am EDT to May 31st,11:59pm EST (May 30th, 12:01pm Philippine time to May 31st, 11:59 am Philippine time).

Also there are a total of 26 bloggers who joined this event and please only join to ONE BLOG only. If you’ll have more than 41 entries, we have the right to disqualify your entry. Here are the list of blogs who joined this event:

My Tots Exactly | Money Saving Mindy | Sarah's Blog of Fun | Building Carpenters | Blogging For Everything | Our Food Trip | Pop Ups of My Mind | Chronicles of a Mentor | Sugah Momma | My Green Living Ideas | Fitness Fashion & Freebies | Virtual Musings | the food, the places and the bad trips! | Fit N Fab | Swexie! | Moms & Munchkins | Sonya's Happenings | Travel Quest | Fat Girl No More | Fabulous Deals and Steals | sugah designs | simple pero rock | Pensive Thoughts | Delight My Appetite | M.O.M.

I would personally like to thank every blogger who was so energetic and lively on joining and giving you guys the best giveaway you could have EACH WEEK! 

Thank you and enjoy!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fiverr Secrets - Levels

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I'm one of the Fiverr Sellers and joined on January 2012 and this May 2012 I was able to reach Level 2. Hopefully one day I'll be able to be one of the TOP RATED SELLERS on Fiverr. If you want to know and find out how I did it, and gain some tips how I did it then gain access on this post for only $5. This is basing through my experience and in my own words.

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If you wish to find out the Fiverr Secrets to Levels, you could gain access for $5, please give 24 hours to let the blogger give you the key. (Due to time difference)

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Bloggers Tech - iPAD May-nia Giveaway!

It was I think last month or few months ago when we have our previous iPad giveaway. There were a lot of people who feast the blog and joined the giveaway. If only I could give everyone an iPad, I would but I can’t. So I hope with this giveaway, I’m giving another chance to other’s who wish to have their very own iPad!

Bloggers Tech, Bay Area Mommy and with the awesome and generous bloggers has partnered with BeeSavy for this giveaway!

BeeSavy is your very own digital shopping assistant that pays YOU for serving you! That is right, you’ve read that right too! The BeeSavy polishes the internet to make sure you have the lowest prices on the products you want at the stores YOU love. The great thing about it is that, BeeSavy gives you cashback on your purchases! Pretty cool huh? Visit BeeSavy to save more today!

Bloggers Tech have joined this giveaway, in the celebration of my upcoming birthday. Yeap, I’m going to be a year older soon! I’ve joined this giveaway and partner with these awesome guys, for the celebration of my birthday! :D (OMG I’m on my silver year!)

This giveaway will end on JUNE 4, 2012 that would be on my birthday. So hopefully, we’ll get some real fun on that day. I’m still thinking of some ways to celebrate it UNIQUELY online, since I don’t usually let people know it’s my birthday, because I’m getting older. But anyway, let’s start with this gadget shall we?

This iPad giveaway is OPEN WORLDWIDE, if ever the winner will be from outside the US you’ll receive the $499 cash instead, and maybe buy the gadget yourself or save the money for something.

To join this giveaway, just fill up the rafflecopter below. Please take note to give your real account so that we could verify you right away, and that you could claim your NEW iPad gadget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you will enjoy this giveaway and THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR JOINING and for your love and support!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Free Blogging Websites Comparison Part 2: Why Blogspot Won MY Heart Over Wordpress?

Before you read the post, I hope you have read the part one of this discussion. So that you will know my basis why I have stated some features on this posts.

Free Blogging Websites Comparison Part 1: Wordpress vs. Blogspot

Yes, I have an experience with Wordpress. Though it’s not my own blog, already used, installed, manage and set up working Wordpress websites. It's not my blog or website but for my clients, and since I manage them and gain access I found out what are the benefits of using it of course the disadvantage of it.

Please take note that it doesn’t mean that you should follow what I do or let's say what or why I have decided to go for Blogspot. We all have different reasons, needs and preferences better check yourself and know what you want.


-      As a programmer, I love coding and if it means having a better layout and look of my blog then why not? So if you’re not a techy person, this might be the part that would be tricky for you.

But I do admit, the look and design of Wordpress is much more better and more customizable compared to Blogspot. Though I can edit and change the look of Blogspot, there are elements that should be there so that it will work. But then, with the Wordpress free blog has only 180 themes that you can use, and there are over what? Thousands of Wordpress free blog users, then possibly one or two blog has the same look like yours.

Anyway, though Blogspot is not as much good looking as Wordpress there are already free Blogger themes out there that are a look alike to Wordpress. It’s not 100% Wordpress like, but hey that’s much better compared to the usual look of Blogspot themes that you see before.


-      When I invest on something, even if it’s not money that I have invest to it, I always make sure I get something from it if it’s successful, and it would be great even if I am not successful with it. LOL.

Who wouldn’t want to spend time and effort on something, that you could be able to earn money, right? You get to do the thing that you love the most, help people and the same time earn money. Though it’s not like a real world that you get a consistent amount of income each month, it’s still fun because you get to do. Well, that’s if of course if you chose the niche that you have knowledge and passion about.

So if you’re having a war with yourself between Blogspot and Wordpress, yet you want to make money with blogging then go for Blogspot since Wordpress does not allow this. Unless you pay the premium service or have your blog hosted and install the Wordpress platform.


-      This is not mentioned on the first part, and as I have mentioned I’ve handled a number of websites that are in Wordpress platform.

Though the free Wordpress promised and assure that they do kill spam and make sure their servers are secure, and because it has more limitations compared to Blogspot, if I want to go for Wordpress I’d rather have it hosted. If you host it, you’re exposed to Malware, virus and the worse thing is that hack.

I’d never experience this problem with Blogspot so far. Hope not! This is one of the biggest reason I go for Blogspot, I do know how to maintain it but it’s tiring especially that I have clients to take care of.


-    Though we’re talking about the FREE WORDPRESS blog here, again if I go for Wordpress I’d rather go for the premium service or have my blog hosted somewhere. Why? This is because I want to brand my blog, branding is very important. I want it that when my readers or audience see a certain theme, they could identify that it is my blog. So with Wordpress free blog, you can’t do this. Maybe with your logo, you could but that’s it?

So since paying for hosting and domain, without an assurance that I could earn money from my blog it’s hard to risk a big amount of money. Though it may be not that expensive to some, it’s a big money for me.

Hosting service usually cost around $4 per month, there are also some that is for $1 per month but they have very, very low quality of service. So let’s say we’ll go for the cheapest service, $1 times 24 months and don’t forget the domain please which usually cost $12 per year (unless you buy it when there’s a sale). So that’s a total of $24 in a year, that’s around 1,000 Philippine pesos per year. <('o'<)

In Short...

Thinking about the maintenance, the hacking, virus, malware, and of course without the assurance that you’ll earn money from it. I didn’t like it.
So all in all I chose the Blogspot free blog over with Wordpress. Though a lot of people love and prefer Wordpress for some reasons, well that’s their needs and this is mine.

You don’t need to follow mine, this is just an input for everyone especially for people who are thinking of starting to have a blog and don’t know where they should go between these top free blogging websites.

I am not against Wordpress, I do love Wordpress but because Blogspot gives me what I need and what I want on my blog then why not go for Blogspot right?

So bloggers who already have a blog, why did you choose your current free blog websites? Is your blog under Blogspot, Wordpress, or other free blogging websites? Share us your thoughts, speak your mind and…love!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Free Blogging Websites Comparison Part 1: Wordpress vs. Blogspot

A lot of people especially wanna be bloggers are turned between Wordpress and Blogspot. Which one is best, or which one is advisable to use for them.

I’ve been there and I want to share with everyone why I chose Blogspot over wordpress. But before that, let me give you the features of each websites for their free blogs offer.

NOTE: Please take note I’m referring to the WORDPRESS FREE BLOG and not the WORDPRESS Platform that you could install on your host. It’s totally different.


WORDPRESS FREE BLOG It’s free but of course there are some limitations. You will register your own free Wordpress blog at WORDPRESS.COM

WORDPRESS PLATFORMYou could download and install the Wordpress platform on your website host, or even in your own computer. You will not pay for the Wordpress platform, but to have your own website and be access publicly, you need a host for your website which is you need to pay for. You can download the Wordpress platform at WORDPRESS.ORG

Now that we’ve compared the features and limitations for each free blogging websites, let’s then weigh up everything.


-          I usually don’t care about this, unless it’s too tricky to set up. All I want to make sure is that I get to have a quality blog and that it could give me my needs.


-          Another feature that I don’t care since I am for international traffic, I’ll be speaking/blogging in English. There are times (on my other blog) that I get to speak/blog in Tagalog or the Visayan Dialect, but I always give the English translation of the word or sentences.


-          I think only few Blogspot users know about this feature, and yes Blogspot can have multiple bloggers in one blog.


-          I’m not sure how many static pages could have to Wordpress, but Blogspot only allows 20 static pages. Before, it's only 10 static pages and I'm so happy that it went up to 20.


-          Not all people love to redesign and design their own blog. And the problem with me is that, it seems I want to change the look of my blog every now and then, and with the limitation of Wordpress themes and access to design, I prefer Blogspot.


-          Both websites allow you to have your own free domain but of course your domain has the extension of their website domain. Which is MYBLOGNAME.WORDPRESS.COM and MYBLOGNAME.BLOGSPOT.COM but no worries, you can have your own custom domain for both websites just like here in Bloggers Tech.


-          To the readers of my other blog, you know my mobile phone is still in black and white and I still love it. So yes, I don’t use this feature of Blogspot because everything is in black and white. Why I stick with my phone? Secret. :P (LOL)


-          One of the problems I have with Blogspot BEFORE is that I get spam comments and there are only few spam comments that are detected. With Wordpress, it even track down the IP and can easily it tell that it is a spam comment.


-          As a SEO, I know the importance of permalink. What is a permalink? Come on! You don’t know? (LOL) Anyway, permalink is the specific URL that points to a specific blog.

If you notice, Blogspot adds the “/p” on the link that is to identify that it is a page.

As for the posts it’s like this:

The link above is the link to the post I’ve posted few days ago. And if you notice on the permalink structure, it has the year and month it was published.

For pages in Wordpress, it has no additional characters, and that is the same with the posts but it’s optional to have that permalink structure on posts and pages on pages. While on Blogspot, there’s nothing else you could do or modify with the permalink.

Also, with Wordpress you could customize the permalink. Wordpress will automatically create a permalink for your post but you can modify it with your own. Unlike Wordpress, though in the sample above, I prefer it to be just “”, Blogspot automatically created one for me and I can’t modify it anymore.

Permalink structure is very much important, since it will help your visitors identify the post compared to “” right? Also, it will help with SEO and making it rank on search engines.


-          As mentioned above, Wordpress does not allow you to have banners, Ads,  Google AdSense, or even paid posts! So how could make money with your blog?

If you want to earn with blogging and have your blog in Wordpress, better have it hosted or pay the premium service of Wordpress.

As for Blogspot, it was bought by Google on 2003 and some says, their main target is to have people use Blogspot and register on Google AdSense, what does that mean? That means, more places, websites and blogs to advertise and put up some Google AdSense and more advertisers will join to get advertise on websites and of course on Blogspot users blogs.

Google invest on Blogspot for a greater and larger income, very wise! But, as a blogger you too can take benefit. Guest posts and paid posts are allowed but I suggest you should be picky on posts that are not yours.

Before I forget, there's also a new way to make and earn money from Blogspot blogs. That is the GOOGLE AFFILIATE NETWORK (GAN), which is also I'm already part with. I've just started and trying out some stuff and so far, so bad. LOL. Didn't earn anything yet since it's CPA (Cost Per Action) which is totally different with Google AdSense. It means, there must be someone that buy the product from you. No matter how many times they clicked on it, you won't earn a single cent. There must be a successful transaction, before you earn something.


-          There are only few people know that your account on GMAIL, YOUTUBE, or any Google websites can be used as one. As for me, my Gmail account is the same account I use for YouTube, Google Analytics and here on Blogspot. Just a click of a button, I am easily logged in and registered and have an instant accounts on Google websites like Blogspot and YouTube.

Want to know why I chose Blogspot over Wordpress? Then come back here on Bloggers Tech to know why.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BT Discussion 001: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A number of bloggers have sent me a message at Facebook and to my e-mail where they want to get to know about Search Engine Optimization, a.k.a. SEO.

I’ve got a help from my virtual helper, Jake the Bloggers Tech Virtual Helper who will be discussing and explaining what is SEO and other SEO basic questions. 

He’ll be the one helping me out on our upcoming discussions. I think it would be better this way since most of the times I’m recording videos, I’m sleepy. While Jake here is active enough that he talks so fast!

So in this post, you’ll get to know and have an idea what is SEO and its importance. Here’s the list of the topic discussed and explained in the video.

  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • What is a search engine?
  • What are the search engines?
  • Why we want to rank on search engines?
  • Why we should aim to the first page of search engine websites?
  • What is the first fold?
  • Why we need to rank on Google?
  • When we create and published a website, do we get to rank on search engines right away?
So here it is, the video and discussion of Jake the Bloggers Tech Virtual helper on what is search engine optimization, and other basic questions or information that you might want to know.

I do hope that you’ve enjoyed the video above and that you’ve understand Jake. If it’s still not clear, let me know so that I would spank Jake (LOL).

There will be more questions (I know) from you guys about what is SEO, no worries I already have a layout of the upcoming discussion but if you have questions about search engine optimization, just let me know and leave it as a comment below. I’ll see if it’s not on my list for the discussion here in Bloggers Tech.

For the next session, there will be more to learn but I’m not sure yet when I will publish it here on the blog but surely we’ll be continuing this discussion on what is search engine optimization, its importance, benefit and many more.

Anyway, feel free to share this post and ask questions, I’ll try to answer it through the comment or through the upcoming discussions here in Bloggers Tech.

Don’t forget to rate the post! So that people who’ll be visiting this page would know of what you guys think of this post and if this was helpful as an introduction on SEO.

More and more to come here in Bloggers Tech, so please do subscribe, like the fan page and follow me on Twitter. Though some of the time I may not tweet in English, since I’ve merge all my accounts. So please excuse me.

So go on! If you’ve watched the video already, then leave a comment below, rate the post and learn.