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12 Vital Steps to be a SUCCESSFUL Blogger: Part 5

Okay, we’ve come to the last part. But before I continue this discussion let us have a recap!

Find out how to find your niche on blogging, where you can start blogging, and on updating your blog.

Find out how to write a great content on your blog. From writing to graphics!

You’ve got the content, the blog and now it’s time to find out how to drive traffic and know more about traffic.

Since we’ve already got the content, we’ve got visitors on the blog, then of course we’ve got some audience on our blog. Know how to deal and gain benefit from them.

So to continue our discussion here’s the last part of this long article.


If you’re not going to market your blog, who will be interested to advertise on your blog? How will you able to get and make money from your blog?

So better promote your blog, drive traffic. Go from blogs to blogs and websites to introduce and have your blog exposed in public. Advertisers love it when they advertise on blogs that gets regular traffic and of course, well-known.

So share your blog to your friends, fan  page, websites and  other ways where you could expose your blog to people and get people read and participate on your blog. It’s tiring sometimes, I know and most especially with the writing regularly on the blog and finding, thinking of blog posts to post on blog and promote the post to get people read it.

But just keep on going and doing it. I was blogging for more than 5 months on my other blog and was not able to get comments or appreciation on any websites. I think it was on around June or July I got my first comment and the rest follows. Advertisers starting to contact me and people starts to trust the features on my website and use it, like the hotel search engine I have on the blog.


In relation to Step #11, when you are able to market your blog, gain traffic, have loyal and real audience then these advertisers will come to you but of course you need to come to them too and introduce yourself. The rest will follow.

I do hope that you’ll be able to make use and take benefit of this tips and steps I’ve shared with everyone. I really do think that this is very useful to each bloggers weather your starting up, thinking to start or you’ve been blogging for months or years now.

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