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12 Vital Steps to be a SUCCESSFUL Blogger: Part 4


There are also well-known bloggers these days that disable their comment section on their blog. There are a lot of reasons why they do that, it’s either they can’t accommodate it anymore (probably because it can go more than thousands of comments in each post), they have some haters and just to avoid chaos (of course their fans will support them and fight back) they just disable it. So how can they listen to their readers?

Listening to your audience does not mean that you have to let them comment, be affected with positive and negative comments. There are comments out there that are possibly there just because they want to build a link, or maybe they’re just your competitor. As for me, I’ve experienced a comment because I’ve exposed how they treat their employees but I did not name that it is them, there are lots of companies that are doing that. I guess they were just too guilty about it.

Remember the STEP #8? The keeping track of your blog traffic? You can make use of your record on what your audiences do on your blog, and that’s how you listen to them.

People who comment on your blog usually are already interested and find your blog to have the information that they need, how about the other visitors who left your blog? See what keywords they use to search on search engines like Google, know what they’re looking for and that’s where you could get an idea on what to discuss next on your blog.

Another is that, you could create a SUGGEST A TOPIC or a poll on your blog then if you can do that, why not right? I usually listen to my audience by looking at my traffic status, and some just suggest some topic through leaving me a message on my contact page or on the comment section, which is totally cool.


I think you guys could relate, know or familiar with the feeling when there’s this someone you look up to, let’s say a celebrity or maybe that special someone in your life. Then they just ignore you, and it seems you don’t exist and can’t see you in their way, not thinking that because of people like you, they’re on top!

I think people like me who tweets to celebrities on twitter can relate with this. It’s kind of discouraging actually that they don’t tweet back, it’s just a tweet we’re not going to eat them or what. So far, there are only 2 Filipino celebrities that tweeted me, and only 1 who followed me back. It totally made my day like, I was floating in clouds and I’m like “am I in heaven?”, well I think you will feel that especially if the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta followed you on twitter. :D 

Oh yes, I tweeted that since I was born it was her song “Kahit Kunting Pagtingin” I was listening to, that it was my lullaby and up to now I listen to it and sing it with feelings.

Anyway, don’t you think your audience or readers will totally love this too? I think it would motivate them more on coming back to your blog, help you promote and of course support you all the way through. Though there are only few celebrities do these, it totally can benefit them. I’ve already observed this online and the support of their fans is totally warm and very much supportive.

If you’ll be able to give that to your audience, imagine their power to put you on top! That is by just replying and interacting with them.

Though I know and understand that when you’re really famous, it will be hard to interact with to all of them. Still, most people I know who keeps doing this behind their busy schedule and the amount of messages they get, they do try.

One of the bloggers that I have looked up to and salute on this is Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. I’ve sent him an e-mail last year asking about his suggestion and opinion, though it took him days to get back to me, he did replied and gave an awesome tip and advice.

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