Friday, April 20, 2012

12 Vital Steps to be a SUCCESSFUL Blogger: Part 5

Okay, we’ve come to the last part. But before I continue this discussion let us have a recap!

Find out how to find your niche on blogging, where you can start blogging, and on updating your blog.

Find out how to write a great content on your blog. From writing to graphics!

You’ve got the content, the blog and now it’s time to find out how to drive traffic and know more about traffic.

Since we’ve already got the content, we’ve got visitors on the blog, then of course we’ve got some audience on our blog. Know how to deal and gain benefit from them.

So to continue our discussion here’s the last part of this long article.


If you’re not going to market your blog, who will be interested to advertise on your blog? How will you able to get and make money from your blog?

So better promote your blog, drive traffic. Go from blogs to blogs and websites to introduce and have your blog exposed in public. Advertisers love it when they advertise on blogs that gets regular traffic and of course, well-known.

So share your blog to your friends, fan  page, websites and  other ways where you could expose your blog to people and get people read and participate on your blog. It’s tiring sometimes, I know and most especially with the writing regularly on the blog and finding, thinking of blog posts to post on blog and promote the post to get people read it.

But just keep on going and doing it. I was blogging for more than 5 months on my other blog and was not able to get comments or appreciation on any websites. I think it was on around June or July I got my first comment and the rest follows. Advertisers starting to contact me and people starts to trust the features on my website and use it, like the hotel search engine I have on the blog.


In relation to Step #11, when you are able to market your blog, gain traffic, have loyal and real audience then these advertisers will come to you but of course you need to come to them too and introduce yourself. The rest will follow.

I do hope that you’ll be able to make use and take benefit of this tips and steps I’ve shared with everyone. I really do think that this is very useful to each bloggers weather your starting up, thinking to start or you’ve been blogging for months or years now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

12 Vital Steps to be a SUCCESSFUL Blogger: Part 4


There are also well-known bloggers these days that disable their comment section on their blog. There are a lot of reasons why they do that, it’s either they can’t accommodate it anymore (probably because it can go more than thousands of comments in each post), they have some haters and just to avoid chaos (of course their fans will support them and fight back) they just disable it. So how can they listen to their readers?

Listening to your audience does not mean that you have to let them comment, be affected with positive and negative comments. There are comments out there that are possibly there just because they want to build a link, or maybe they’re just your competitor. As for me, I’ve experienced a comment because I’ve exposed how they treat their employees but I did not name that it is them, there are lots of companies that are doing that. I guess they were just too guilty about it.

Remember the STEP #8? The keeping track of your blog traffic? You can make use of your record on what your audiences do on your blog, and that’s how you listen to them.

People who comment on your blog usually are already interested and find your blog to have the information that they need, how about the other visitors who left your blog? See what keywords they use to search on search engines like Google, know what they’re looking for and that’s where you could get an idea on what to discuss next on your blog.

Another is that, you could create a SUGGEST A TOPIC or a poll on your blog then if you can do that, why not right? I usually listen to my audience by looking at my traffic status, and some just suggest some topic through leaving me a message on my contact page or on the comment section, which is totally cool.


I think you guys could relate, know or familiar with the feeling when there’s this someone you look up to, let’s say a celebrity or maybe that special someone in your life. Then they just ignore you, and it seems you don’t exist and can’t see you in their way, not thinking that because of people like you, they’re on top!

I think people like me who tweets to celebrities on twitter can relate with this. It’s kind of discouraging actually that they don’t tweet back, it’s just a tweet we’re not going to eat them or what. So far, there are only 2 Filipino celebrities that tweeted me, and only 1 who followed me back. It totally made my day like, I was floating in clouds and I’m like “am I in heaven?”, well I think you will feel that especially if the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta followed you on twitter. :D 

Oh yes, I tweeted that since I was born it was her song “Kahit Kunting Pagtingin” I was listening to, that it was my lullaby and up to now I listen to it and sing it with feelings.

Anyway, don’t you think your audience or readers will totally love this too? I think it would motivate them more on coming back to your blog, help you promote and of course support you all the way through. Though there are only few celebrities do these, it totally can benefit them. I’ve already observed this online and the support of their fans is totally warm and very much supportive.

If you’ll be able to give that to your audience, imagine their power to put you on top! That is by just replying and interacting with them.

Though I know and understand that when you’re really famous, it will be hard to interact with to all of them. Still, most people I know who keeps doing this behind their busy schedule and the amount of messages they get, they do try.

One of the bloggers that I have looked up to and salute on this is Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. I’ve sent him an e-mail last year asking about his suggestion and opinion, though it took him days to get back to me, he did replied and gave an awesome tip and advice.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

12 Vital Steps to be a SUCCESSFUL Blogger: Part 3


I’m not talking about having a new car and drive it to an area where there's traffic and shout out "VISIT MY BLOG!". 

Traffic for blogs means the amount of visitors you get going to your blog. Yes, you can keep track of it. You can even know where are your visitors from? How many visits you get in a month, week or day? How long did they stay on your website, what they’re reading and are they browsing on your blog, from page to page or post?

Yes, you can find out all about this, but how can you drive traffic to your blog? How can you make people who don’t know you exist in this world to go to your blog and read your post?

There are actually lots of ways you can drive traffic to your blog, and soon I’ll be sharing it with everyone here in the blog. Though I know some of you already have about thousands or more traffic in a month, maybe you want to still to know some other ways.

Anyway, one of the simple ways that you could be able to promote and drive traffic to your blog is through:


Businesses and celebrities use these websites to reach out to their potential clients and fans. They grab this FREE opportunity to be able to gain fame, recognition, build their name and be able to make money from people who want to know more about them. So why not you too? 

Probably by now, you look at yourself and say “Who am I? Britney Spears?” but let me tell you, you don’t have to be a celebrity or a successful person to use and promote yourself and your blog through these social media websites. 

Though right now, maybe you’re using it already as a way to reach out and get updates from these celebrities, or known people, you might also want to use it for your own good and benefit too!

Some of you may feel like you’re totally shy to do so, and I tell you, I’ve been there and still am (LOL). Up to now I don’t even share my blog posts on my personal Facebook account because I’m too shy. But check me out, I’m making other people read my blog, visit my blog, browse and know me more and gain knowledge from me. On my other blog, I even make them search and book hotels on my hotel reservation page on my blog.

These websites are not only for people who are known already, these websites can also be used for people who wants to drive traffic, introduce themselves or their business, product or services to people and be known. So make use of it!


There are more than thousands of social bookmarking websites that actually exists online. There are about more or less than a hundred that are known and that can actually drive traffic to your blog.

It is a website where you could be able to submit your blog, or any links that you want to keep, that is "to bookmark". But most people use this to promote their websites just like us bloggers.

You can get traffic from these websites because there are also people using it and trying to promote their websites too or maybe just want to keep some links of websites that they’d love to share and keep track of. Some social bookmarkers (users), go around from these websites, check by category or sometimes accidentally read a title that drags their attention and click on it, then redirects to your blog!

There are other more ways you can drive traffic to your blog, but as for now this is the two ways that can drive traffic to your blog instantly. I do this every time I have a new post, usually just on the top 5 because I'm too busy with work. So I make sure that I am bookmarking my new posts on social bookmarking websites that have high traffic and are known to drive traffic.


How will you know that your way of promoting your blog is effective or not? How will you know if there are people, real people that are reading your blog posts? People who are interested about you, and your blog?

You must really keep track with the traffic with your blog, sometimes when I check the traffic I get, it usually gives me an idea on what topic I can discuss to my readers, that I am sure they’ll be interested with. Or what topics that they're looking for that I don't have yet.

There are a lot of tools that you could make use when you want to keep track with your traffic, most of us use the Google Analytics, where all we have to do is create an account, get a code, put it on our blog and publish it. Then from that day, Google Analytics will keep track of your traffic, from how many visitors you have in a day, week, month, or even in a year. 

It is very much detailed now and very useful in reporting to my clients. So why not make use of it? It’s totally free and very accurate compared to other website traffic monitoring system. The best thing about it is that, it's free! We love free services!

The second from the last part will be published this Wednesday April 18, 2012. So be sure to be able to come and visit Bloggers Tech again to get  the last part of this vital steps. 

<<Previous - Part 2

12 Vital Steps to be a SUCCESSFUL Blogger: Part 2


I think I’m not alone in this world where every time someone makes me or want me to read an article that is three pages long, or even only one page, I don’t want to read it word per word. Maybe scan it for a while, read the first paragraph the last and see if it’s interesting enough to read.

This is also the same with blogging, I sometimes find articles online that is so long, makes me go and keep on scrolling and scrolling and all I see is just texts. Note, your visitors hate too much scrolling and they don't want to waste their time reading on things that is not part of their interest.

So be careful when you’re writing too long articles. If you noticed I’ve split this discussion into parts because I don’t want to cause a brain overload by reading on my blog. At the same time, I can make you come back here in the blog to read on and see the continuation of this discussion.

If you can write and have a blog post that is direct to the point, with no useless or out of topic information then do it. But make sure it’s fun to read, readable, brief and short.


I can’t imagine a blog without images, don’t you think? 

It will be totally boring to look and unattractive. So make sure you’ll be able to include images on your blog post too, especially, if you want to promote your blog posts on social media websites like Pinterest.

Another thing is that, some free blog hosting websites like Wordpress treat this as a spam, especially if you’ll include a link of your blog post on other websites. So to avoid the misconception of Wordpress to your new blog, then why not include some graphics on your blog posts.

Don’t go to Google images and look for some images that you can use. This is actually one of the mistakes I made before, I go to Google images search some images and use it on my blog. The owner of the photo then sent me an e-mail about it, and I was never aware back then about this kind of copyrights and using of images. I mean, it’s on Google, it showed up there and maybe they’re letting me use it right? But that was my thinking before, I don’t have friends that are bloggers already and was not aware of this. So, I did apologize to the owner and just removed it.

So yes, when adding photos that you don’t own, make sure you can use it on your blog and that the owner is cool with that. I have friends that are photographers, I asked if I could use their images and they let me as long as I keep their watermarks on. This is cool with me, because they’re my friends and it is theirs anyway.

But don't over do it. Don't add too much images to your blog posts. It may cause slow load time for your blog, and may just cause your visitors not to read it and just leave your blog.


So here’s another mistake of some bloggers make. They treat blogging as something like it should be totally formal because you’re speaking or writing publicly. The thing is, that’s why we call it “YOUR BLOG” and not “COMPANY BLOG”, so just be yourself! 

Add some personal experience and make your blog posts that will sound and express what you are. Avoid writing a blog post in a business style, people read blogs than articles because it’s more HUMAN, more personal rather than too business sales talk or techy words that they don’t get. 

I prefer reading blogs rather than an article or a newspaper that discuss the same topic. I understand blogs more compare to newspapers because of the Layman’s terms words. I have a low vocabulary (that, I admit) and sometimes, reading some articles makes me want to grab a dictionary and look it up. Not all of your blog readers will do that, they’d rather look for another blog which discuss the same topic, yet using a simpler and more quick to understand terms.

For the next part, we’ll be discussing about traffic on your blog. So if you want to know about this then come back here at Bloggers Tech, tomorrow, Monday April 16, 2012. Subscribe, like and follow me to get the updates on the blog posts here. If you’ve missed the part one of this discussion, then just click on the previous link below.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

12 Vital Steps to be a SUCCESSFUL Blogger

A lot of people just say and decide that “I’LL BLOG!” without thinking of the steps to take to be able to be successful in blogging. Who doesn’t want to be successful right? We’re not blogging online, spending time to write, spending time to promote and think of topics we could discuss on our blogs just to fail in the end.   

It is very much important that we’ll have to take a look at the vital steps that we make, and see if we could be able to do this. If you can, then go for it and do these steps and start your journey on blogging

So to those who are thinking to start blogging, I think this article will be totally useful for you. As for the people who already have a blog, then have a look and check if you’ve done these steps.


I won’t discuss this in details since I’ve already discussed this on a previous post here on Bloggers Tech. To read the detailed discussion on “Finding YOUR NICHE for Blogging” just click on that.

Do not underestimate this step. It’s important that you know what you want to blog about and what is your target audience and of course don’t forget about your passion and knowledge. Without taking this step, there’s a GREAT possibility that in the end you’ll just fail.

You may end up selling your blog, stop blogging and let your blog just get rotten online or hopefully, you’ll be a total successful blogger.


If you don’t have funds yet or unsure of your career online, I would suggest that you grab the opportunity to have a free blog hosting service, just like Blogspot and Wordpress. 

This is what I actually do, I don’t like spending too much for a certain thing without a guarantee that I’ll be successful on it and that I’ll be able to make money from it, or at least gain certain benefits that I am looking for.

Though it may not look really good as a paid hosting service looks, or it has limited features, it is a great way to test and see if you’ll be able to survive the battle. 

If you want to go on, if you think you’re almost there, and want to have your blog on a paid hosting service then you can transfer it later on. It may be too complicated to some who are not well experienced in technical stuff but it’s much more better than risking your income for something you’re unsure of.


Blogging actually started as, or just like a diary. Where the bloggers use it just like their diary, to write and publish their daily experience and events. Where also, no one is expected to read your blog or share it on social media websites.

Though it is ideal to update your blog every day, you really don’t have to do it every single day. If you’re a busy person like I am, then just update the blog at least once a week. Don’t and never leave your blog without any updates for a month, or even 2 weeks. You’ll lose the interest of your readers and possibly may just run out of interest in blogging.

There are two keys here, which are MOTIVATION and PASSION. If you have this two in blogging, surely you’ll be able to do this third step. 

Why? Even though you have the passion to blog on your niche, if you won’t motivate yourself, encourage yourself to post something on your blog then it will be totally useless. If it’s the other way around, if you have the motivation but don’t have the passion it will be totally hard for you to create a post for your blog because it is not your passion. You won’t care about your content, and content is very much important in blogging.

This discussion will continue this Monday, so get updates through subscribing to Bloggers Tech, like, and Follow me. This discussion will totally help you on your way to success in blogging!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Social Media and Bookmarking Buttons Sets for Blogspot

I have noticed that there are a lot of fellow bloggers that are having problems with their social media button. Most of them use ShareThis and other similar services but it cost some problems on their blogs like displaying some squares or may slow down the loading time of your blog.

I’ve posted the FLOATING SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTONS but there are some who doesn’t like the floating buttons so here’s the buttons I’ve gathered and made for you to use.

IMPORTANT!Before we start, make sure you will download and back up the current theme, look or design of your current working design of your blog. You may be able to do some mistakes later, so just in case you’ve messed up with the design. Just upload the backup theme of your blog.

First, you need to add the script for each social media websites, if you will not do this the buttons (some of it) won’t show up and will not function well. So you must really do this.



Go to TEMPLATE > EDIT HTML > PROCEED then tap on the EXPAND WIDGETS TEMPLATES just like below.


We must add the Facebook HTML code just like the image below:

Before you add please check if it’s already there, if you have already done this before please proceed to the next step.

You will find the HTML code right on the very top of the text area code. It will start with is shown.

You could either insert the code right after the word “HTML” or just like the second option where I have placed mine. Below is the code that you will add, just place it before.


Next is adding the script for the buttons. PRESS (on your keyword) the keys “CTRL + F” to find “</body>”, there will be just one result for that so right above it paste the code below:


IMPORTANT!Before proceeding on the next step, decide whether you want the social media button sets to appear BEFORE the content or AFTER the content of your blog. Each code will only appear on areas where you’ll place them, it won’t automatically do or display the buttons where you want to display it.
Second, is that you also have to decide if you want to display these buttons in all pages and blog posts on your blog. As for here in Bloggers Tech, I only show my buttons on posts. You won’t be able to see these buttons on pages that I have here.



So if you wish to show the buttons in all pages and buttons, right before the content of your post follow these steps.

Find the code <data:post.body/> and what you need to do is check if you’ll find these code right above it,

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;static_page&quot;'>


<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

If you’ll find any of the code above, that is right above the 
<data:post.body/>  code just like image below:

Then you can then paste the code of the set of buttons you wish to use, right above the <data:post.body/> code. Just like below:


But if you prefer to use the social media buttons on blog posts only just paste the code right above the <data:post.body/> where the code is present.



If you also want to display the buttons right after the content of a page or post just do the same step on STEP #4-A but this time, PASTE THE CODE BELOW the <data:post.body/>


If want to display the buttons right after BLOG POSTS ONLY, then just do the same step on STEP #4-B but this time, PASTE THE CODE BELOW the <data:post.body/>


In this step, you can then save the changes you made. Just in case that you’ve encountered an error, go back and double check what you’ve done. You could close the window and do it again OR just click on CLEAR EDITS button and redo it.

Don’t worry if you’ve got some errors, usually Blogspot will not allow you to save it if you’ve done something wrong. But just in case it did allow you and the look of your blog is now totally messed up, just upload the downloaded backup file of your blog template.


Below are the social media buttons I’ve gathered and made for everyone. All of the buttons have counters and has the vertical and horizontal versions only.


I didn’t include all social media or social bookmarking buttons, but I have only selected the top known websites I know of.

Ideally, you can use this below the content of your post or page, too much buttons before your content might too messy to look at and possibly will cause the load time of your blog. 






Video Tutorial

For people who can't still do it, I could do it for you but it will be not of course for free. I'll be spending and consuming my workings hours for you so I can't give it for free. If you want me to do it, just contact me through the fan page or through the contact page here in Bloggers Tech.

I do hope you guys get all these and I've helped you out! Thank you and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hump Day $50 Giveaway: April 11, 2012

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Finding YOUR NICHE for Blogging

There are well-written, well-discussed and well-presented blog posts on different blogs about this topic. But anyway, just in case that I’ll be able to help and add more information, tips and advices. I want to discuss it here too for our blogging tips.

I’ve noticed to some people, not even just blog but also to people wants to build websites and make money with it. That it seems (to me), that they just want to have thousands of websites named after them, yet they don’t know what they could do with it and how they could benefit when they bought a website. The funny thing is, they buy it out of “it’s a unique name” or “I find it cute”.

So my share for today, is finding your niche in blogging.


When you have the passion, knowledge and interest to a certain niche, will totally help you be successful in blogging.

Why? Are you going to trust and take the advice of a shoe maker, when he’s giving you some tips and advices on how to make money online? Are you going to take my dating tips or relationship advice when, I myself have not been dating and haven’t been with a man more than 2 months? The answer is NO right? It’s like going to a gasoline station, to open a new bank account, or going to your dentist to fix your car.

These three words are very much powerful. It will help you to be successful in blogging, because your audience will feel and can detect that you know what you’re talking about, and of course you will have that passion to keep on doing and search more because you are interested in your niche.

Some wanna be bloggers who don’t want to go for a niche that they’re passionate about, because they prefer a niche that will help them gain and earn money.


You must also evaluate the competition, especially if you’re planning to discuss more than one topic and go for more than one niche.

There may be a lot of blogs that already exist that discuss as the same as you have, if you could go around and visit those competitors, investigate and see if you could be able to do much more better.

Just like here in Bloggers Tech, there are about 5 blogs I found in the competition, they’ve been in this niche for years and have already built their status and gain trust from people. But then, I have a better and more improvised plan that is making and letting the audience understand more the tutorial and gain knowledge from the blog.

So see if you could be able to present yourself way more better than they do, or maybe you have a unique way to do differently from them.


I’ve started my other blog, Exotic Philippines because I want to help out in increasing the exposure of the country. Spread the GREAT NEWS about my country through blogging and not news about kidnapping, hostage taking, NPA, so on.

Just like here in Bloggers Tech, my main purpose is to be able to help out people who need help in blogging, managing their blog and improvising it. I’ve been asked a thousand times about how did I do this and that on my blog, so through Bloggers Tech, I could just tell them “go to my blog..”

So yes, ask yourself why you want this niche. What is your purpose why you are going for this certain niche? This is pretty helpful especially on times that you’re not in the mood, you could just tell yourself about the purpose, and possibly you could get up back again and blog.

Some of the bloggers who start up a blog and their only purpose is for personal use, its focus is more on themselves and not the interest of their audience. Mostly, they don’t choose which niche they want to go to because it’s a personal blog, and anything could go, anything could be discussed that interest them and that is about them. Bloggers who’s main purpose is for only personal use, must not expect of gaining and having a high traffic blog.

Unless you’re a celebrity, you’re Britney Spears or Ellen, people will read your blog because you’re a celebrity. But what if you’re an ordinary person in this world,  who would be interested to know about you? Also, who would be an advertiser or a money making opportunity will come to you when you don’t target a certain audience.

I hope these three tips can help you out when you are thinking to try blogging. You may have a war with yourself as of now, you don’t know which you would want to go. But I would advise that you go for whatever your heart tells you, because you won’t get tired on doing it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

$50 Friday Giveaway EVENT– April 6, 2012

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Hump Day $50 Giveaway: April 4, 2012

It’s a Wednesday, it’s a hump day! It’s a great week to start a giveaway here at Bloggers Tech!

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