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Why Bloggers Blog and Loving it?

There are a lot of people who already have attempted to blog and got tired of blogging. There are bloggers who have stayed for years and are recognized by people in their fields.

I know some of you may wonder why we spend money on blogging, why we buy domains, pay for hosting, sponsor contests, why we keep on blogging and using our time on blogging and so on. For many and different reasons, we keep doing this and some of us even multiplied their blogs from one to five (which is crazy).

So to let everyone know why we do it, why we keep on doing it I have these bloggers volunteered to answer my 3 questions for this interview here in Bloggers Tech.


We’ve got Shedo Chung-Hee Surashu who blogs at Inscriptions a programmer like me who blogs random posts on his blog, but most likely he posts software and programs he have done.

What makes you blog and keep on blogging?

I'm one of those people who blog not for the revenue but for the essence of blogging itself. Even if I'm looking forward to monetizing my blogging, I still haven't gotten around to actually doing it. What made me start blogging was when I was developing an application and needed some place to jot down my notes or updates on what I'm doing. From there I sorta started mixing in personal musings and life happenings. After that, it pretty much unfolded to what I am now. Even if I started a couple (maybe a dozen) blogs in the past, I intend to stick with this current one which I started just around mid last year.

What do you love most about blogging and being a blogger?

The fact that I get to share with a few thousand people around the world what I have to say is, I guess, one of the reasons why I love blogging. Being a blogger also helps in making your writing skills better. Mine isn't up-to-par but I'm pretty sure, with practice, I can achieve that awesome writing skills that others possess.

What are your tips to the aspiring bloggers on your niche?

Since I don't necessarily have a particular niche (my blog is a hybrid of personal / programming / internet / latest news / software / websites / startup companies / anything that falls under the "tech" category), what I can say is just love what you are doing. You don't have to be consistent with your posts, nor do you need to have a schedule. Do it whenever you feel like it. All of that unless, of course, you made the blog specifically to generate revenue. If that's the case then just put some extra effort into it. Remember that your blog is your own playground. You play by your own rules and you shouldn't be dictated on what you have to post.

Single Mom Super Mom

Next stop is Corrine C. Emata from Single Mom Super Mom, yes mom do blog too and Corrine is one of them, a supah blogger and a supah mom…

What makes you blog and keep on blogging?

I came into blogging by accident. I'm not what you say a great writer nor expressive in writing. I all started out joining fb contest that requires blogging about their contest. One day I realized I can also do blogging and the things bloggers do. I keep on blogging because I tend to love what I am doing. I discover new things and what I like most meeting new people.

What do you love most about blogging and being a blogger?

As what I have said earlier I love discovering new things and experiences. The best of all getting to know new people that you get to talk and have some good conversations. 

What are your tips to the aspiring bloggers on your niche?

For the aspiring bloggers in blogging you should love what you are doing. Without the compassion and love in blogging and sharing your own experiences and knowledge to your readers will be worthless. You must be able to be flexible and avoid to be picky. You need to have that dedication to deliver good quality good reads for your readers.

Ask Hideki

Then we have here Ian Albert Austria from Ask Hideki, a pseudo-tech blogger and STUDENT. Yes, students can blog. Actually, my friends before use blogging like diary and now they use blogging to express themselves freely and some at the same time to make money.

So what keeps Ian keep on blogging?

What makes you blog and keep on blogging?

It all started with my desire to have my own website. I do not know. But when we started to study HTML in school, I just felt the urge; "I should have my own website!", and it was strong. Then I try to learn things little by little, by asking Google and also my so-called mentors that I met on the web world. And then, here I am. I got my blog and I blog everytime I feels like blogging. It has been part of my daily routine now. And it seems that there isn’t a reason for me to stop doing this. What makes me blog is simply because it’s what I want to do, and I am enjoying it. What keeps me on doing it is the happiness and satisfaction brought by visitor's comments, fans and followers interaction, visibility on the web, and the challenging self-thrill on thinking what to write & how to improve in blogging aspects, as well as the stats and decent dollars. Description: http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/images/blank.gif

What do you love most about blogging and being a blogger?

It’s really fun and exciting, as long as it’s really your desire. As a blogger, you get the chance to be known to the world and the community. With a blog, you can create a personality of your own. Blogging is some kind of a comfort-zone for me. Once you tasted dollars from blogging, you will crave for it. Or maybe that's just me. Description: http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/images/blank.gif

What are your tips to the aspiring bloggers on your niche?

Here's what I always say to those who asks me for tips. First, determine if you are really into blogging. Do not indulge yourself on this, only if you just want to be like other bloggers as they are popular and really big time earners! Why? You will fail. And on the middle of the road, you will quit. Blogging is not just blogging, it’s also a passion. That desire to write and share thoughts should be the fuel on why you should blog. Money and revenues is just like the cheese of blogging. Just like blogging, spaghetti can be eaten without cheese, but it tastes more delicious and better if it’s present.

As I have said, some bloggers have more than one blog as they grew in this industry, as they discover more and want to share more through blogging.


Just like Tristan Khalil A. Singkala who blogs at TristanKhalil, Gamers' Creed and Music Face Off. They’re three separate blogs, three different niches and I wonder what makes him keep on blogging on these three blogs?

What makes you blog and keep on blogging?

I find blogging as a means of sharing information. Though I don't think I have that much readers, I kind of using the blog as a special bookmark for me. I know there are lots of ways to bookmark a good article or news or anything that you find interesting, however, in blogging, it helps me in reminding myself as to why I like or dislike a certain matter (based on what I blogged). Another thing is that, it's a way for me to keep track of what I've learned and the journey I've crossed.

What do you love most about blogging and being a blogger?

Being a blogger or into blogging have so many benefits. Moreover, the best for me is that you'll be able to freshly baked information or learn something first-hand. Aside from that, being a blogger will have you in the circle of bloggers may or may not be in your niche but in general as a whole.

What are your tips to the aspiring bloggers on your niche?

Read and Share. Add to that is respect other bloggers' point of view. 

Make More Money Online

Another is Liezl De Ocampo from Make More Money Online where she blogs about how to make money online and yes really you could do make money online, these bloggers actually do.  

What makes you blog and keep on blogging?
I blog because I'd like to share the things that could help others such as money-making and blogging tips, latest news and events, product reviews, recommended movies and more. I have several blogs in different niche which translates that I can write about anything. I keep on blogging because the ideas keep running in my head and I want to convey my thoughts to my readers. I love blogging especially that my friends and families are my avid supporters. In blogging, I am also learning and earning a lot.

What do you love most about blogging and being a blogger?
The thing that I love most about blogging is "information". I love to exchange ideas through blog commenting on other blogs and not just by posting a blog entry. I'm an intellectual type of person and I love to read as much as I love to write. As for being a blogger, I love the fact that my readers respect me and see me as unique icon - not that popular but definitely inspiring. It is also nice to be a blogger who can freely express her opinions and thoughts. I can even empower the people around me! I love it when my posts really help others especially when it comes to their lives or future.

What are your tips to the aspiring bloggers on your niche?
As a finance blogger, all I can share is that you must really know your subject and readers. Actually, my lizmoneyweb.com blog is more on online tips about blogging and making money. Some finance posts are sponsored ones but I make a thorough research before posting. Even if you are earning online and your blog is getting a decent income, don't compromise its content. Always create informative post because as a blogger, you're not just dealing with search engines... you've got real readers.

I'm encouraging you to blog about finance because there's real money on it. There are lots of advertisers out there who are regularly looking for finance blogs. Another friendly reminder: You should really love what you’re doing because just like any other job, if you are having fun, the pay is just secondary. I’m not saying that money is a wrong kind of motivation. It’s just that I didn’t start that way. 

Qpon Junkie

Lastly, we’ve got Renee Hartenberger of Qpon Junkie who does not only blog but also give away some coupons on her blog and who’s also a mom.

What makes you blog and keep on blogging?

I initially started blogging because I found I was so passionate about saving money that I needed an outlet.  The more I spoke with people, the more I realized that my family and friends did not understand the potential of saving money with coupons and store incentive programs.  They did not "get" how to use store incentives like: Target coupons, Extra Bucks and Register Rewards and get everyday items for little to nothing.  I continue to blog in hopes that I can reach out to others and help them live better through saving money.

What do you love most about blogging and being a blogger?

I love that I can share information about the following "Mommy related items, freebies, coupons, deals, DIY, and everything else I find interesting in this world.  It allows me to have an outlet for my creativity and get involved with others that have similar interest.  I also love that it keeps me on my toes about the latest savings so I can do better by my own family.

What are your tips to the aspiring bloggers on your niche?

If possible, find someone in your niche who WANTS to help you.  You can blog day and night and never make a single penny or obtain a following.  For some, monetizing their blog is not a priority but for others it is.  Find someone who is willing to answer your questions and guide you a bit so that you will be successful in where you are heading as a blogger.  Finally, love what you are blogging about!  It's tedious, hard work and you may need to find your strength in the passion of what your blogging niche is to keep on going.

For all aspiring bloggers, wanna be bloggers and who are bloggers, I do hope this post will help you out as these bloggers have shared their passion with us.

If you’ve got some questions for the bloggers, feel free to leave it as a comment below or follow them on their social media accounts. If you’re inspired by them, why not follow and be a fan of their blog.

To end this post I would like to thank each of the bloggers above Shedo, Corrine, Ian, Tristan, Lizzie and Renee for sharing their time in answering these questions and sharing their passion and tips.

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