Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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Hump Day $50 Giveaway : March-7

As usual we have the Hump Day Giveaway today here in Bloggers Tech and with of course a chance for you to win $50!!!!

If it’s your first time to join this event, all you have to do is subscribe through e-mail to the bloggers who have joined this event. It’s totally simple, no sweat and you get to win some money every week!

But please take note that YOU can only join this on one blog/page and not go through to all bloggers who sponsored this event and join again. Also there’s a maximum of 32 entries ONLY. If you have more than 32, we all reserve the right to delete duplicate or fraudulent entries. May I request that you use only one name and email address for quicker validation of entries, because we really do check on it!

On the first mandatory entry, please do not forget to write Bloggers Tech as a blog who referred you, and note this is a mandatory entry. YOU must complete the first 2 tasks for 26 points before the others are enabled, and for all your other entries to count.

This giveaway is open all-day Wednesday, from March 7th, 12:01am EST to March 7th,11:59pm EST (March 7th, 1:01pm Philippine time to March 8th, 12:59pm Philippine time) and by joining this giveaway, you agree to the Terms and Conditions on the bottom of the form.

If you’re cool with everything that have said then enter now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DONE? Awesome!

I would like to grab this chance to thank all the following bloggers who joined this event and giving us a chance to make money and spread some lovin!

My Tots Exactly | Frugal Experiments | {lowfat} diaries | Money Saving Mindy | My bric-a-brac | Sonya's Happenings | Exotic Philippines | Building Carpenters | The 24-Hour Mommy | M.O.M. | Wonderful Things In Life | Rewards Station | It's Not Always About ME | Coupon Queen of Texas | Experience of a Super Mommy | Mirage | Green Baby Goods | Zzzz... Whaaat??? | Travels | Our Travels | Autoshow | Fabulicious Diva | My Tummy Calls | Mommy Kat

If you’ve got some problems, feel free to comment it below and I’ll ask the coordinator for this giveaway right away.

Thank you guys and good luck!

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