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$50 Friday Giveaway TEASER - March 30, 2012

This is the teaser for this upcoming Friday’s event. Oh yes, I’ve joined another giveaway where you could win $50 this Friday only! Imagine if you’ll join every event here in Bloggers Tech, grabbing the chance to win $50!

So here are some details for the giveaway this Friday:

Start: Friday, March 30, 2012 – 12:01AM EST
End: Saturday, March 31, 2012 – 12:01AM EST

How to WIN $50 this Friday?

All you have to do is LIKE every Facebook fan page of bloggers who sponsored this event this Friday. They’re the bloggers who’ll also be posting about the giveaway and of course the one who are sponsoring it too.  Then you have to come back here in Bloggers Tech to enter your entry.

To give you the advantage on winning the upcoming giveaway, you can now LIKE the fan pages so that latter on this Friday, it will be totally quick and easy for you to join.

Here are the following bloggers Facebook fan pages to LIKE:

Want to WIN some MORE?

How about YOU subscribe to the updates here in Bloggers Tech and have the instant update and get the chance to win the giveaways here in the blog. I’ve already signed up for lots of giveaways that other bloggers have, so you better watch out for it.

Clue for the upcoming giveaways, it’s not just $50 and it’s you’re choice if you want to turn the iPad 3 to cash. Woohoo! If you want it then sign up for any updates below.

Through Facebook

By liking the fan page of Bloggers Tech, you can get instant update every time I share the latest post and giveaways. If you spend more time on Facebook, I totally suggest this one:

Through Twitter

I always tweet, I know I speak other language but hey I tweet the giveaways in English. So if you are a twitter addict then go on and follow me on twitter today!

Through E-mail Updates

If you’re like me who’s checking my inbox on my email every now and then, then why not subscribe to the blogs updates? Every time I have a new post and giveaways, you’ll be able to receive an instant e-mail that I have posted something new. Update delivered right into your e-mail, so sign up!

Get Updates Right at YOUR E-mail

Now if you can, why not do all of the above. More quick and latest updates from the blog, more chances of winning!

Looking forward to hear from you soon this Friday, so come back and win some cash!

See yah!

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