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5 Must Do Steps for a New Born Blog

No matter what you decided to blog about, where you will have your blog or what your blog will look like, there are things that you must do and check if you’ve already done it.

To help you out on your way to success to blogging, I’ve gathered some checklist (as what I want to call it) or steps to ensure that you’ve ready for the battle, ready to face your blogging career online!

Step #1:  Set-Ups, Settings, Fill in

Way back years ago during my childhood, my classmate always forgot to bring his own pencil. Sometimes we let him borrow and there are times that our teacher let him borrow and what my teacher (or let me say most of my teacher say in situations like this) to my classmate? She said “Don’t go into a battle without your gun…”

This is the same in blogging. If you’re not all geared up, if you don’t have the bullets, your clothes, grenade, bullet proof vest (I’m not sure if soldiers must have this though), and of course your weapon, how can you survive the battle without all these?

So make sure that your blog is ready, you’ve got your gears (plug-ins, widgets, themes) and you’ve set everything up. There are also things that you may need to fill in like your author profile.

Never forget or skip to check this step. There are widgets or plugins (for Wordpress) that needs to be configured so that it will work perfectly on your blog. There themes that you have to set up and install some plug ins so that it will come out as it was displayed on the demo.

Lastly, there are also blog settings, codes, etc. that must have like meta tags, keywords and stuff. Without this easy and simple things that you must do, your blog is not 100% ready to go for a battle, and you don’t want going into a battle without 100% courage and confidence that you’ll make it through, right?

So make sure your blog is functioning well, test out some features and even the comments section. Take a look at your sidebars because it’s where you could make your readers go around your blog, links on the navigation bar must be working also and of course your SEO for Blogspot or let’s generally say your blog is all working.

I know you’re pretty excited to launch your new blog, to share what you’ve posted and talked about but then again don’t take this for granted. Make a great first impression, having broken links or malfunctions on your blog may not make your reader come back again.

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