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5 Must Do Steps for a New Born Blog: Step 5

Step #5: Enjoy and have some FUN!

I think this is the most easies step you will do but sometime we bloggers will forget about it.

So I hope through BloggersTech I could be able to remind you on this. Don’t drown yourself in blogging, stop forcing yourself to do it when you’re not in the mood to do so.

Don’t think about blogging too much, though I know you want and are really serious about, you actually don’t have to kill yourself for it. Live life, enjoy life and blog! Don’t kill yourself because of blogging.

I’ve learned this one few months back because as I have mentioned on the previous posts, I stopped for a month or so but then got back. I was just thinking and making myself blog when my own self don’t want to blog. I lose time, I lose focus on work and that means not money that I earn on the blog but the money I’m earning at my work. So, don’t risk your real job because of blogging, well unless you’ve got a promising career on blogging.

What to enjoy with blogging?

I don’t know if you can call it lowly but i already enjoy when I read comments on the blog. Well, not all of them are all awesome, some of them are totally awful (that is comments from jealous people). So don’t expect that all comments will be good, you’ll have haters too!

One of the things that I enjoyed is that when people feature you on their blog, just by sudden surprise you’ll just see traffic from other blog and when you check it out, they featured you! Which is usually a flattering one, hopefully they featured you for a good thing and not insulting you.

Anyway, another thing is that you’ll be recognized by blog awards communities. You win or not, it is still a great feeling that someone will nominate you and believes in you that you should be on the nominee (at least).

Another is that, if you are able to monetize your blog, honestly you’ll be totally happy even you’ve got 50 cents on your account (my first amount of earning on my blog). Why I’m happy with this amount? This means people are really clicking and using the services I offer or what is on my blog. Real people who enjoys and interested about what I blog, and they’re the people I could make money from (LOL).

The fun thing about blogging is that you’ll be able to gain a lot of friends. Friends that are willing to accept you in their homes, share their stories or feelings and ask for your help. Which is pretty awesome to me for I grew up having a lot of friends.

Blogging is mainly (for me) about sharing, helping, connecting with people all over the world and discussing about something you love, something that is your passion and interest. It is also about expressing yourself, your thoughts, making friends and spreading the love.

I do hope that these 5 long parts is helpful to all bloggers and wanna be bloggers. If you’ve got some questions feel free to leave it as a comment below. Also, don’t forget to share and tweet the post to spread the love and give some lovin’ to your Pinoy blogger!

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