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5 Must Do Steps for a New Born Blog: Step 3

Step #3: Write and Update

A website with no content and no blog posts will not be called a blog. So write and update your blog with information, interesting facts or any topic that you can discuss and share with your audience that will go with your blog niche.

This is actually the tiresome part, it is where I get easily get tired and lose my interest on blogging. There was a time when I stopped blogging for a month but because of my great and supporting audience and friends I was able to pick up myself and go on.

Don’t leave your blog with no updates at least maybe twice a month. What I usually do is at least update my blogs once a week with blog giveaways so that I could share some gifts with everyone here in exchange of their boredom here at Bloggers Tech (LOL), and I think you guys have noticed this. With my work and busy schedule at the moment, juggling with work and blogging becomes more harder mission for me but I do keep on doing it.

There are tons of topics that you can discuss out there, you may think that you’ve ran out of topic and you’ve already discussed everything with your audience but I tell you, there are a lot of topics you can share out there.

I do admit it’s hard sometimes on thinking what topics you can discuss with your audience, topics that will totally grab their attention and that would also drag the attention of people who have never been to your blog. But then don’t drown yourself on blogging, you can’t think well if you’ll keep forcing yourself to think about your blog. Usually (well, as for me) topics just suddenly hit on my mind, maybe some fellow bloggers asked a question about it, or maybe due to my own research.

If you’re like me who’s totally busy on weekdays (and I’m even busy on weekends), what you can do when you’ve got that time to write blog posts is that, just write and write. When you’re done and have checked all these articles you can upload them on your blog, make it look attractive and then schedule the posts on dates you want it to be published.

With scheduling your post, you don’t have to insert blogging at your working hours just to update your blog. This blog post scheduling feature is also offered in blogger, and of course Wordpress. I think it is also offered at typed and other free blogging websites these days.

Don’t forget to have the important pages like about me and contact page on your blog. It is (as for me) very much important because it is where you could introduce yourself to the public, to your audience and be able to welcome some advertisers (on your contact page).

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