Friday, March 30, 2012

$50 Friday Giveaway Event - March 30, 2012

It’s Friday again, the last Friday of the month of March! So, here’s another amazing giveaway here in Bloggers Tech that will run in just one day, and give you a chance to win $50! Oh yeah!


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  • LIKE EVERY SINGLE BLOG to be eligible to WIN!
  • Fill out the entry form at the bottom of this post!
  • Put "BLOGGERS TECH" in the extra information (IN THE ENTRY FORM) as the blog who sent you to the giveaway.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

$50 Friday Giveaway TEASER - March 30, 2012

This is the teaser for this upcoming Friday’s event. Oh yes, I’ve joined another giveaway where you could win $50 this Friday only! Imagine if you’ll join every event here in Bloggers Tech, grabbing the chance to win $50!

So here are some details for the giveaway this Friday:

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Friday, March 23, 2012

5 Must Do Steps for a New Born Blog: Step 5

Step #5: Enjoy and have some FUN!

I think this is the most easies step you will do but sometime we bloggers will forget about it.

So I hope through BloggersTech I could be able to remind you on this. Don’t drown yourself in blogging, stop forcing yourself to do it when you’re not in the mood to do so.

Don’t think about blogging too much, though I know you want and are really serious about, you actually don’t have to kill yourself for it. Live life, enjoy life and blog! Don’t kill yourself because of blogging.

I’ve learned this one few months back because as I have mentioned on the previous posts, I stopped for a month or so but then got back. I was just thinking and making myself blog when my own self don’t want to blog. I lose time, I lose focus on work and that means not money that I earn on the blog but the money I’m earning at my work. So, don’t risk your real job because of blogging, well unless you’ve got a promising career on blogging.

What to enjoy with blogging?

I don’t know if you can call it lowly but i already enjoy when I read comments on the blog. Well, not all of them are all awesome, some of them are totally awful (that is comments from jealous people). So don’t expect that all comments will be good, you’ll have haters too!

One of the things that I enjoyed is that when people feature you on their blog, just by sudden surprise you’ll just see traffic from other blog and when you check it out, they featured you! Which is usually a flattering one, hopefully they featured you for a good thing and not insulting you.

Anyway, another thing is that you’ll be recognized by blog awards communities. You win or not, it is still a great feeling that someone will nominate you and believes in you that you should be on the nominee (at least).

Another is that, if you are able to monetize your blog, honestly you’ll be totally happy even you’ve got 50 cents on your account (my first amount of earning on my blog). Why I’m happy with this amount? This means people are really clicking and using the services I offer or what is on my blog. Real people who enjoys and interested about what I blog, and they’re the people I could make money from (LOL).

The fun thing about blogging is that you’ll be able to gain a lot of friends. Friends that are willing to accept you in their homes, share their stories or feelings and ask for your help. Which is pretty awesome to me for I grew up having a lot of friends.

Blogging is mainly (for me) about sharing, helping, connecting with people all over the world and discussing about something you love, something that is your passion and interest. It is also about expressing yourself, your thoughts, making friends and spreading the love.

I do hope that these 5 long parts is helpful to all bloggers and wanna be bloggers. If you’ve got some questions feel free to leave it as a comment below. Also, don’t forget to share and tweet the post to spread the love and give some lovin’ to your Pinoy blogger!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Must Do Steps for a New Born Blog: Step 4

Step #4: Promote, Optimize and Advertise!

You don’t need to be an expert in promoting your blog to the people. You don’t have to be really really good at marketing in order to grab their attention and make them go and visit your blog.

With your blog posts title that is an attention grabber and a great content, you could surely win this!
So where to promote and how you can promote and advertise your blog? Simple, some of you may be a Facebook addict, and I know most of you are bloggers so I think you already know this. But never ever (again) take this part for granted.

You can promote and advertise your blog on social medias like Facebook and Twitter, also with the latest hit social media called Pinterest.

How does that make promoting? Well simple, if you’re going to share your blog posts on Facebook even if it will appear just on your friends, with great content and usually a must share info will go viral. So your friend can share it to their friends too, and their friends could share it with their friends and so and so forth. Though in your view it is a limited audience, it could totally go beyond the box!

By simply tweeting the link of your blog posts, you are already promoting and advertising your blog to the people of the world. It could go beyond your followers if you add tags with it too!

                If I have a blog post about how to still feel hot and sexy even if you’re overweight. We could have blog post title something like “Hot, sexy and Overweight”. You can tweet this title like this

 New #Blog Post: Hot, #Sexy and #Overweight ! #health #loseweight #mind #healthtips

Using hash tags will be very useful because even if they’re not your followers people who are into this hash tags will be able to read it. That means you’re already promoting, sharing, and increasing your chance in gaining traffic to your blog through using the social media.

Another thing is that, you could also optimize your blog, and yes I’m talking about SEO. Though you’re not an experienced and an expert, you can learn all the basics of SEO here in Bloggers Tech, that is also for free and by just reading the blog.

Though I’ve got just few posts about it, surely there will be more to come about this topic. Anyway, as what I have said, you don’t have to all the knowledge and experienced in making your blog rank on the top search engines like Google. By just doing the basics like social media sharing, tweeting and bookmarking your posts on different websites, you are already trying to optimize your website.

What matter most is that you must have the content, the content that is a must read and that would meet what people need and want.

Hello Spring! Cash Giveaway

Here’s a giveaway that Bloggers Tech have joined that will be open until April 21, 2012 @ 11:59PM (EST) and it is the Hello Spring! Cash Giveaway that is conducted and hosted by Diva Fabulosa and The Freebie Junkie , with these two hosts and the rest of the bloggers who joined this giveaway and I we brings you a $800 grand prize for this event!

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Hump Day $50 Giveaway: March 21

Bloggers Tech presents to you another giveaway for today for everyone!

Yes, it’s Wednesday again and it means it’s the Hump day $50 again!

I’ll be making this quick and short since I think most of you guys know the drill already, but if you’re new feel free to check on this giveaway last week to know the basics. I’m working at the moment so hope you understand that I’ll be making this quick.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

5 Must Do Steps for a New Born Blog: Step 3

Step #3: Write and Update

A website with no content and no blog posts will not be called a blog. So write and update your blog with information, interesting facts or any topic that you can discuss and share with your audience that will go with your blog niche.

This is actually the tiresome part, it is where I get easily get tired and lose my interest on blogging. There was a time when I stopped blogging for a month but because of my great and supporting audience and friends I was able to pick up myself and go on.

Don’t leave your blog with no updates at least maybe twice a month. What I usually do is at least update my blogs once a week with blog giveaways so that I could share some gifts with everyone here in exchange of their boredom here at Bloggers Tech (LOL), and I think you guys have noticed this. With my work and busy schedule at the moment, juggling with work and blogging becomes more harder mission for me but I do keep on doing it.

There are tons of topics that you can discuss out there, you may think that you’ve ran out of topic and you’ve already discussed everything with your audience but I tell you, there are a lot of topics you can share out there.

I do admit it’s hard sometimes on thinking what topics you can discuss with your audience, topics that will totally grab their attention and that would also drag the attention of people who have never been to your blog. But then don’t drown yourself on blogging, you can’t think well if you’ll keep forcing yourself to think about your blog. Usually (well, as for me) topics just suddenly hit on my mind, maybe some fellow bloggers asked a question about it, or maybe due to my own research.

If you’re like me who’s totally busy on weekdays (and I’m even busy on weekends), what you can do when you’ve got that time to write blog posts is that, just write and write. When you’re done and have checked all these articles you can upload them on your blog, make it look attractive and then schedule the posts on dates you want it to be published.

With scheduling your post, you don’t have to insert blogging at your working hours just to update your blog. This blog post scheduling feature is also offered in blogger, and of course Wordpress. I think it is also offered at typed and other free blogging websites these days.

Don’t forget to have the important pages like about me and contact page on your blog. It is (as for me) very much important because it is where you could introduce yourself to the public, to your audience and be able to welcome some advertisers (on your contact page).

Lucky Day - $75 Paypal Cash or Amazon Card Giveaway

Bloggers Tech with the other number of bloggers have teamed with I Heart Giveaways to bring you Lucky Day Giveaway today!

This giveaway is essentially a part of March Moola Madness which will run from March 19 to April 2, 2012 and of course every boday here will get this AWESOME chance to win $75 Paypal Cash or Amazon Card of your choice.

Now, why not enter this giveaway through entering the rafflecopter below and start submitting your entries.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

6 Tips to Help YOU Make Blogging Easy

Several bloggers find it difficult to write and update their blog regularly. On the other hand, some other bloggers find it an easy task to blog every day!

As we all know, we need to create blog posts that are fresh so that we could be able to feed our readers the information that they must and want to know, and search engine like Google love blog posts that are FRESH.  Google even have this update that they call “Freshness Update” to help them give their Googlers the best, ideal and fresh results.

Today, through this blog post I’ll be giving you some of the five (5) tips that you can use so that blogging will be easier for you:

Write and Save

I know and I can relate that it’s hard to write and update your blog regularly then suddenly there would be this time that you’ll be bombarded with these information and ideas that you can write and share on your blog.

What you can do is to write it in advance and save it so that it’s ready to be published. As for me, I write it first in Microsoft word, so that while I’m writing it the software could be able to check my spelling and grammar right away. Then if the blog post is good to go, I go to my blog and upload it there. I prepare it, preview and schedule the post to a certain day I want it published.

When you have time to write and/or have something in your mind that you can write and share on your blog, try to write it right away so that you could have a blog content that will be enough for several days or even for the whole week. Also, sometimes it’s best if you’ve got the idea right away, for possibly later on you’ll probably forget about it or not in the mood anymore.

Niche Related Topics

There are a wide range of topics that you can actually write for your blog and all you have to do is research, research, research!

If you’re talking about health, losing weight, or gaining weight then why not talk about how to motivate yourself to keep doing it? This would also help them keep on losing weight right? Also this is still within your niche, and I know you can talk about it.

Encourage to comment and participate

I would admit that this is one of the mistakes I have done when I started blogging. It took me I think 6 months when I got my first comment on my first blog, but I know there are people who keeps coming back and spending some time on my blog, reading my posts and maybe sharing it and so I keep on blogging.

But then, it would be like talking to yourself if there’s no one else speaking out on your blog. Really, I feel really stupid that time and that I’m like a person who lacks attention online. So I’ve done some research, got some tips from well-known bloggers and apply their tips on the blog.

Anyway, why not encourage your readers and visitors to comment, share and of course keep on coming back on your blog for more exciting and must know information that you can share with them.

I’ve been trying to practice this one but I usually forgot this part that’s why now here in Bloggers Tech I have the form below each post encouraging you guys to leave a comment if there’s something you want to say.

Look for their Questions

Sometimes, you really run out of topic to talk about, and your brain is dead that you can’t think of anything anymore (for now).

So the next tip is to join groups on Facebook, or forums or have a look at Yahoo answers and similar websites and look for questions, inquiry or people asking for help that you could relate to your niche.

Example, let’s say for my first blog (a travel blog) I go to forums that are about travel like Virtual Tourist or specifically I go to forums that have topics about travelling to the Philippines. I take a look around and see if there are some people who are asking for help, like asking for travel tips, or if they’re coming here in Cebu they want to be guided on where and what they could do, what hotels we could recommend and so on.

So, what I do is write a blog post about it, like things that they should do here in Cebu and what I wrote that time was “Things I DID NOT do in Cebu”, it’s like a checklist for me but it could be a checklist too for the people who wants to visit Cebu but did not know what to do or where to go.

Then when that post is published, I go back to that forum, on that certain thread and post the link of my blog post. You may not be able to put an anchor text, and do link building there but surely you can get traffic, and a good one! Because you have the information that they need and not just any text or link that they accidently clicked.

Tell them About Yourself.

Sometimes I really and totally ran out of topic but I want to put up something then again I don’t know what. So what I usually do is that I could just share something about myself that my readers could be interested with.

Possibly, it’s in no connection on your niche but you may want to twist it a bit to make it or give it a little connection with your niche, but anyway you’re the blogger and some or possibly all of your readers want to know who you are. This is also another way of proving to them that you’re a real person, and not taking someone else’s identity online or giving a fake name.

Just like what I did on my other blog, it talks about travel, about my country, the events and news, generally it talks about the country. So since I am a Pinoy blogger who have been living in the Philippines my whole life, I shared some of my favorite foods that I would like to share and tell them why I love it! Though it’s about food, and not travel you could make a connection with it because it’s still about the country and also in the blog post I mentioned some destinations where it is known. Like the dried mango, where it is more known to be produced here in Cebu.

Request a Topic.

Sometimes I’m totally lazy to do research, read forums, browse websites, etc.

So what I do sometimes is ask my readers what they want to know, if there’s anything they want to request as a topic on the blog or can give any suggestion to talk about on the blog.

I also have an online hotel reservation on my blog, where visitors could also compare hotel booking prices from different hotel reservation websites and get the best booking deal. One of the readers and hotel reservation users of my blog suggest to list down some affordable accommodation that I can find here in Cebu. Which is awesome, because I can promote and put up my hotel reservation links of those hotels on the blog post and make money with it.

There are actually other more ways to help you make it more easier to create a blog post and update your blog more frequently. Keeping your readers updated and feeding their minds and keep them interested.

If you’ve got some tips, why not share it with us through leaving it as a comment below. Feel free to ask some questions below

Thursday, March 15, 2012

5 Must Do Steps for a New Born Blog: Step 2

Step #2: Pick and Stick

Personally, I don’t like this step (LOL) because I think I change my theme at least twice a year because I’m unhappy with the look anymore, because there’s something much better. I want to level up, improvise and go out with the new look to impress everyone.

But I don’t change the theme every now and then, like every month or week. I change the theme when I’m browsing the websites of Blogger themes and check out the latest ones and be able to see and compare that my theme is totally ugly.

What’s important of picking a theme and to stick with it is that, people will not adjust to the new look every now and then. Just like Facebook, I was pissed when they changed it to timeline (until now, because I’m not used to it) and when I get used with this look and feel, then change it again (what are they going to call it? Dateline?) I have to adjust again!

There are people like me (I guess) that rather learning the new stuff, new ways on the website, I’d rather go for a site that is more stable and less clicks.

So if you’re like me who keeps on changing the look, give the theme with at least 6 months before you change it. It’s actually tiresome to keep on changing, so I really don’t get it if you go with one theme to another every week because it will totally cost you money and your time! So pick the best one, the look that you fall in love at the first sight, the one that could express you to your readers and of course the theme that would also make your readers comfortable.

Also, having a theme on your blog is important. This will tell and mean that you’re trying to build a real blog and not a blog that is full of spams. It will help your readers to identify that you’re real and that your blog is not a spam. So avoid using the defaults, your readers may get discouraged by the first time seeing your blog.

Anyway, changes cannot be avoided and who doesn’t want to have a better and more attractive blog right? But don’t change it every now and then, this doesn’t mean you won’t or should never change your blog theme after a hundred years , this just simply means that don’t give your audience too much changes because it can be totally tiresome even for readers.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hump Day $50 Giveaway : March 14

Bloggers Tech has joined another amazing giveaway for you today guys! Again, it’s simple and of course you could easily win $50 today! We’ve got 30 bloggers joined for this week and for this event, so that we could have this successful giveaway today!

All you have to do is to like the fan pages of these bloggers and please does not unlike their fan pages, because they’ll be having a giveaway on their blogs too that I may not have. So increase your chance of winning and bringing home more money!

Once you've liked ALL the pages (page to be opened through the Rafflecopter form), leave your Facebook Profile Name (not a Business/Blog Page) on the space provided for Extra Info after doing the task so we can verify your entry because really, we check and will be needing screenshots. It would be best if you enable us to see the pages that you liked in your info tab so we can announce the winner ASAP.

Just to note, kindly please join only on one blog/page PER GROUP. A maximum of 37 entries will be considered. If you have more than 37 entries, the host reserves the right to delete duplicate or fraudulent entries. Also, please use only one name and email address, or Facebook account for quicker validation of entries.

There’s a mandatory entry in the form below asking for the name of the blog who referred you. Please put BLOGGERS TECH in the field, and start liking all the fan pages of the bloggers.

Let’s start!

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I would also like to thank the following blogs for joining and sponsoring this event:

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Good luck everyone and I wish you all the best!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

5 Must Do Steps for a New Born Blog

No matter what you decided to blog about, where you will have your blog or what your blog will look like, there are things that you must do and check if you’ve already done it.

To help you out on your way to success to blogging, I’ve gathered some checklist (as what I want to call it) or steps to ensure that you’ve ready for the battle, ready to face your blogging career online!

Step #1:  Set-Ups, Settings, Fill in

Way back years ago during my childhood, my classmate always forgot to bring his own pencil. Sometimes we let him borrow and there are times that our teacher let him borrow and what my teacher (or let me say most of my teacher say in situations like this) to my classmate? She said “Don’t go into a battle without your gun…”

This is the same in blogging. If you’re not all geared up, if you don’t have the bullets, your clothes, grenade, bullet proof vest (I’m not sure if soldiers must have this though), and of course your weapon, how can you survive the battle without all these?

So make sure that your blog is ready, you’ve got your gears (plug-ins, widgets, themes) and you’ve set everything up. There are also things that you may need to fill in like your author profile.

Never forget or skip to check this step. There are widgets or plugins (for Wordpress) that needs to be configured so that it will work perfectly on your blog. There themes that you have to set up and install some plug ins so that it will come out as it was displayed on the demo.

Lastly, there are also blog settings, codes, etc. that must have like meta tags, keywords and stuff. Without this easy and simple things that you must do, your blog is not 100% ready to go for a battle, and you don’t want going into a battle without 100% courage and confidence that you’ll make it through, right?

So make sure your blog is functioning well, test out some features and even the comments section. Take a look at your sidebars because it’s where you could make your readers go around your blog, links on the navigation bar must be working also and of course your SEO for Blogspot or let’s generally say your blog is all working.

I know you’re pretty excited to launch your new blog, to share what you’ve posted and talked about but then again don’t take this for granted. Make a great first impression, having broken links or malfunctions on your blog may not make your reader come back again.

Friday, March 9, 2012

$50 Friday: Win $50 March 9 2012!

As posted on Sunday, I have join this AWESOME group of bloggers who also gives $50 every Friday. So hopefully, we'll have 2 giveaways each week! With 2 giveaways each week, let's see if you won't be able to win at least once right?

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I've joined some other giveaways, and without a teaser, without announcing it here I'll just post it right away. So better to be a fan, be a follower and be a subscriber to get updates and get a chance to win some money!

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Feel free to share this post to your twitter, or Facebook or even your family and friends.

Good luck and happy $50 Friday!