Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hump Day $50 Giveaway : Feb-22

Alright guys, I know you’ve been waiting and wanting to win again another $50 for this week! Bloggers Tech will try to participate every week in this event and will also try other groups of giveaways.

Anyway, for today we have the TWITTER FOLLOW to enter the contest. You’ll simple have to follow me and the following bloggers on Twitter:

My Tots Exactly | Frugal Experiments | Life's Cheap Thrills | Extreme Personal Measures | Fab and Healthy | Beauty Queen Gene | My bric-a-brac | Experience of a Super Mommy | Advocating Breastfeeding | Flowing Rhythms | The 24-Hour Mommy | Diva Fabulosa | Mirage | Coupon Queen of Texas | Sonya's Happenings | Money Saving Mindy | Building Carpenters | Drama Queen | Wrap it with Kelli | June Bug Mom | Pensive Thoughts | Happy Mothering | Wonderful Things In Life | | Mommy and Matt | Home Stuff 101

Thanks to the above fellow bloggers for participating and sponsoring this event to give you guys an awesome giveaway for this day.

After entering the mandatory entries, you will be taken to a separate page to follow the 25 other sponsors. Please completely FOLLOW ALL 25 on the separate page to be eligible for the 25 points. All the sponsors will verify your entry and if you miss to follow one, your 25-point entry will be disqualified. After following all 25 entries (link to all the twitter button will be grayed out), come back to the blog page you first entered on to complete the rest of the Rafflecopter tasks

On the first mandatory entry, please write BLOGGERS TECH as the blog who referred you for this event. You must complete the first 3 tasks before the other entries are enabled. Thank you very much and good luck. By filling up the form below, you agree to the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the form. Contest is open all-day Wednesday, from February 22nd, 12:01am EST to February 22nd, 11:59pm EST (February 22nd, 12:01pm Philippine time to February 23rd, 11:59am Philippine time).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Alright, let’s all follow this bloggers and I wish you all the luck and the best! Spread this post to your friends and family to let them have the chance to win $50 too!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Floating Social Media Buttons for Blogger

I like using the floating social media buttons because I don’t like the reader to scroll back up or down to be able to just click on the like button and share it with her Facebook friends.

So today, I’m going to share with you guys the code for the floating social media buttons for blogger that I am using here in Bloggers Tech. I have also prepared different background colors for the floating buttons so that it could go with the colors with your blog or have the color that you preferred to use.


This will totally help the exposure to your blog. Your readers could share it with their friends, and their friends will share it to their friends and so on. This will really mean traffic to your blog.

Another thing is that, it also helps and gives you a positive result on search results and impressions, which is totally great! All you have to do is put up some social media share buttons and encourage your readers to share, +1 or tweet about your post and you’re already trying to increase the exposure of your blog.

Here are the different colors I've prepared for you guys for our floating social media buttons:

If you have selected the desired color that you want then select their codes below according to the color that you want.


Here's a step by step instruction on how to add a widget on your blog. 


For the code of the floating social media button, just choose one below (whichever color you prefer to use) and just click on "SELECT CODE" button then press "CTRL" along with "C" key on your keyboard ( ctrl + C ) to copy the code. The button will just highlight all code, so you need to copy it.







If you find any bugs or error in this widget, feel free to add it as a comment below and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rated BT: Free Blogger Themes for Blogspot 2012

Last week, Friday I’ve shared a quick step by step tutorial on how to make your own blog on blogger. Usually, before I write contents I look for a design for the blog that would be great for niche and to my taste.
Some people find it hard to find some Blogspot themes and as for me, I find it hard to choose among all themes that fit to my niche. Just like here in Bloggers Tech, I’ve changed the theme I think about at least five (5) times, hopefully this would be the last theme (for this year, LOL).

I found tones free blogger themes that I personally want to use to my blogs. But I can’t have different blogs on different niches. I’d be killing myself I do that and I do admit I’m not a good writer.

So today, since my aim here in Bloggers Tech is to help you out on your blog, I’ll be giving you the top themes I found online that I find it really attractive and more elegant than other themes for Blogger.

I’ve categorize some of the themes, so some of you may find it more easier to browse the themes and find the ideal look and taste for your blog. Don’t mind the name of the theme or the content in the demo, since it’s just a demo. You can customize it, make it go along with your taste.

Some people ignore some themes because there are free blogger themes that named “MONEY EZINE” so obviously, the theme is best for money making blog but it’s green it could be for health blogs too! Also, you can change the color, so usually I don’t mind the color unless I’m lazy to edit the whole theme or at most very much satisfied of everything the theme looks.

So what I look at is the arrangement of the sidebars, slideshow, footer, etc. I take a look at the demo and see if it wouldn’t take too long to load and would not be too messy to look because of multiple sidebars.

Anyway, without further ado here are the Blogspot themes I found that I think you would too like to use to your blog. Especially now that it’s a new year, maybe you want to try out a new look for your blog.  Here are the themes I’ve gathered for you:




These theme could be for photo bloggers but because of the way it's designed and the demo itself. I see it more as a Fashion theme. 









Some bloggers prefer simple and clean look so I’ve found this 2 themes that I think you’ll love to use.



Design pile have different versions. It has Pink, Blue and green versions. Above photo and demo is the pink version.






Most (or shall I say all) of the free Blogger themes in this category are I think adapted from Wordpress. It wouldn’t be quite much obvious that you’re using blogger, because of these themes. I really want to use this but I’m happy with the theme I’m using on my travel blog and I think same goes to my readers too.

Also, the themes below have also versions that have no slides. So if you don’t like the slide show, you can have the theme without slides uploaded on your blogger blog. There may be some themes below that you’ll discover some 























Here are the Blogspot themes that I also found but can’t use it but want to use it and don’t know where to use it.



Chromatic also has a green version:










Those are the RATED BT (BLOGGERS TECH) FREE Blogger themes I have for you guys this year. Feel free to give your comments below, share this post to your fellow bloggers and friends or family who wants to be a blogger. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Make a Blog on Blogger or Blogspot?

Some of you may have already know how to make a blog on Blogger already but I just want to make this post so that we could guide those wanna be bloggers and help them out in creating their own free blog on Blogger.

If you’re one of these people who wants to know and new to this, here are the things that you should have when you want to find out on how to make a blog on Blogspot.

*A Google / Blogger Account
- Blogger or Blogspot is owned by Google. If you already have a Gmail account or any account under Google, you could use this on your Blogger blog. Same User ID and password with other accounts you have on Google can be used in Blogger.

*A niche and/or topics you want to discuss on your blog
- As for me, before I create another blog I think of what topic I want to discuss with the audience. A topic and a niche I want to pursue that my audience could have a benefit of, a niche that I love and not because it’s on demand. It’s hard to blog about a topic that you don’t even love or at least an interest, so make sure you’ve got the determination to do it! If you have the determination, then go on and learn how to make a blog on Blogspot through this post.

Another thing is that I base the name of the blog according to my niche. Just like when I decided to create Bloggers Tech, I told myself that I want to have a blog that I (with other interested bloggers to post here) could help out other bloggers and who want to be bloggers. So it’s like I’m the tech support of bloggers? Tekki blogger? Tech Blog? And then come up with the name Bloggers Tech.

Design and content will be an issue later on. Let’s just have and build our blog. That’s why we have this topic how to make a blog on Blogspot to help you out and guiding you.

Now next thing you may possibly ask me are the following:

*Is it for free?
Yes! It is free but the URL of your blog wouldn’t be your own domain. The address of your blog would be like and not like But if you want to buy your own domain, you can have your own Blogger blog have its own domain, just like Bloggers Tech.

*Why it is for free?
As you know Google also have Google AdSense, and they want to offer you a free blog hosting because they want to make money through Google AdSense where you too could make money from.

*Can I customize my blog?
-Yes! You can upload your own template or the template that you downloaded. There are themes that don’t work anymore, and you might need some knowledge on at least basic HTML and CSS to fix it but these can be just searched online. Else, you can hire someone else to customize your blog, like me! You don’t have to learn how to make a blog on Blogger anymore and stress yourself in making your blog look better when you hire someone to do the job, but if you could do it yourself then why not?

Anyway, just watch the video I prepared below and I hope this would help you out step by step.

Here are the tips I have mentioned in the video:
*Don’t make your blog URL too long. 

*Use check availability before entering captcha and clicking next. So you don’t have to go over and over again. Reloading the page and entering the captcha.

*The theme you chose on creating the blog is not permanent. You can change and customize it after creating your blog successfully.

By the way, I apologize if my voice there is so….so… BORING! I was sleepy when I recorded that and my only free time is during at night. Hope I didn’t make you fall asleep. LOL.

Anyway, if you’ve got some questions, concerns or anything that you would like to find out on how to make a blog on Blogger for free, then just leave it as a comment below and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb 15th - Hump Day $50 Giveaway

Ok! Here’s the first giveaway here on Bloggers Tech and with this giveaway you’ll get a chance to win $50!!! Hurray!

Some of you may have already spend all your savings because of yesterday, so to help you out we have this giveaway for you. I won’t promise though that this will happen every Wednesday here in Bloggers Tech but I’ll try to join in and share with you guys this giveaway.

So Bloggers Tech is not just a Blogger tutorial blog but also a generous blog, along with me, here are the list of bloggers who are very much generous to sponsor this event:

My Tots Exactly | Frugal Experiments | LEVYousa | Drama Queen | Sweet Life of A Big Sister | Earth Friendly Momma | Travelling Momma | Momma Finally | My Green Living Ideas | Health is Wealth | Mom Online Mag | Advocating Breastfeeding | Wrap Inches Away with Renee | Coupon Queen of Texas | Wrap it with Kelli | wrap with ann it works | Pensive Thoughts | Delight My Appetite | Foodies Galore | Fabulicious Diva | Travel Unravels | The Blogger Hub | Life According to Me | My Online Journeys | A Positive Standpoint | Nshima Servings | Extreme Personal Measures

Before you join, please read the note we have below so that you’ll be aware of the contest you’re joining in and its rules.

A note: Please join only on one blog/page PER GROUP. A maximum of 32 entries will be considered. If you have more than 32 entries, the host reserves the right to delete duplicate or fraudulent entries. Also, please use only one name and email address, or Facebook account for quicker validation of entries.

Thank you very much and good luck. By joining this giveaway, you agree to the Terms and Conditions on the bottom of the form. Contest is open all-day Wednesday, from February 15th, 12:01am EST to February 15th,11:59pm EST (February 15th, 1:01pm Philippine time to February 16th, 12:59pm Philippine time)

If you’re ready and totally cool with what’s on the note above, then start liking our sponsors fan pages for this event. Just use your Facebook account not your fan page account because we need your names to confirm who you are and that you have indeed liked the page as a person not a page (got it? It’s kinda puzzling right?)

Anyway, go on and itch your hand. Make it warm, grab your keyword and type in below “BLOGGERS TECH” to confirm they you’ve entered the contest through here. Then grab your mouse and START 

Write Bloggers Tech on entry #1

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Got it? Joined? Finished?

If possible LIKE ALL the pages because it increase your chance of winning. The more pages you like, the more chances of winning!

Want more? Go to my other blog Exotic Philippines where the same event (yet in the different group) is on going! Double your chance of winning and maybe win on both groups and win a total of $100 for THIS DAY ONLY! Wooohooo!

Aright?  Also, please do share this page to your friends, family, enemies, neighbors or even your pet too! (If your pet knows how to use Facebook) and let them also have the chance to win this money making event!

Thank you guys, GOOD LUCK and hope you’ve enjoyed our 2 weeks here in Bloggers Tech!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Build 25 UNIQUE Backlinks to Your WEBSITE Every Day FOR FREE!

As a blogger it is very much important that you will be able to build likes to your blog, so that you'll be able to gain Page rank and of course, get ranking on top search engines like Google. 

When you gain page rank, you'll be able to make money with your blog by accepting paid posts, ads and more. And when you gain ranking on search engines, people who are interested about your topic would be able to find you through these search engines.

Just like here in Bloggers Tech, possibly you found this blog through the search engines, social media, or from your friends. Your audience could find you at these search engines too and start building your name and your blog's reputation online!

Building backlinks to your websites is a crucial part of SEO for just two reasons:

First is that it could help your site get indexed faster, which is actually is essential because you want the search engines like Google to discover them as rapidly as you possibly can and crawl them regularly.

Second, could it be helps your site get greater and better search engine rankings for your keywords and phrases of you’re choosing. The higher your backlinks, the higher is your ranking.

However, building backlinks to your blog or business website might be a time-consuming, boring process. You'll be able to delegate the process to have an agency to do it for you and pay a lot of money... Or do-it-yourself!

There are a lot of types and ways you can create backlinks to your website, to gain and to have a greater and better ranking. One of the avenues in building your backlinks is SOCIAL BOOKMARKING.

The thing is, you won’t spend a single hour in searching for social bookmarking website where you can submit your pages, posts or your whole website to. You don’t have to register, validate, log-in, submit links and so on. Because Social Monkee is here!

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Click on the image below to have your FREE SOCIAL MONKEE account today and start applying SEO blogspot to your blog!

Submit your 
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Bloggers Tech – ME FIRST!

I really don’t know what to say in this first post, my mind right now is more thinking of what should be here in this blog. Honestly, right now I’m still adding up some features that I want to add up on this blog.

So anyway, I’ve looked up at Google and asking WHAT SHOULD BE IN MY FIRST POST?

Yes, my brain is that empty right now that I’m just writing (or shall I say typing) what my mind wants to speak out. Anyway, they said my first post could be about anything at all, but I have to make sure I have these things:


My full name is GAY AIDA DUMAGUING, 24 years old Filipina from Cebu Philippines. Yes, I’m a female not a homosexual, GAY is my name not my homosexuality. I don’t know why my parents name that though.

A graduate of B.S. Information Technology and now working as a freelance SEO Expert, serving businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers who are in need of my expertise on this field from my own home.

At first, some people think I’m strict or snob but really I’m a loud and crazy gal. Most of my friends gave me a title as the most friendly but I don’t know now. I’ve been working at home all day that I don’t get to socialize with my fellow humans.


If you have check out my ABOUT ME page you’ll be able to read it there, but I don’t want to make you click there and there, why not just read it here, right?!

I blog and started this blog because I want to help out people who wants to personalize, enhance or what I usually call “LEVEL UP” their Blogspot blog. Coz, I know that there are some features in Blogspot that are quite boring to look, especially when you compare it to Wordpress blogs.

But don’t be dismayed, if you just did or will start out a blog too then I’m just here for yah! Just be up to date to the latest posts here in Bloggers Tech, if you can (and if you want to) you can subscribe to my newsletter.


Obviously, I’ll blog about Blogspot/Blogger. I’ll blog about how you can make money from it, how you can level up the entire look, share with you some great themes to make it more attractive, share some tips on how to make your blog SEO friendly, and more! (and I don’t know what’s more).


I don’t want to force you into this but if you’d like to drop me a comment below, feel free to do so. Spread the lovin’ (not the hatin’)… If you’ve got some problems in using some of my codes, tips, etc. then you can drop it as a comment, so that who else who have same problem as yours, we can show how to fix it and together, we’ll fix it.

Another thing, if you want to REQUEST  a topic, like you want me to teach you here (through blogpost) on how to add Facebook like box, twitter, etc. You can use the floating REQUEST button on your right, send me a message, include your name (so I could dedicate it to you), if you want you can include your e-mail, twitter and Facebook URL so I could contact you when I made a post related to it.

Don’t worry, it’s for FREE! As long as I’ll discuss it here through Bloggers Tech and not one on one. I ran out of topics to discuss sometimes, so if I haven’t got that topic yet you can use that form.


I'll try to give you updates and post some tutorials maybe 3 times a week, but at least once a week. My tutorials here (mostly) will have videos, so I'll have to record and edit some videos for you so it will take some time because I'm also juggling it with my job.

Also, feel free to check out my services! If you’re interested or you’ve got some inquiries or questions about it, you can contact me through the Bloggers Tech fan page, my twitter and through the contact page.

Alright?! Is that all?! I guess so…

Please don't forget to:

  • drop me question
  • leave a comment
  • follow me on Twitter
  • Like us on Facebook

Thank you and let's start blogging!