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Monday, November 17, 2014

3 Best Things Users Love About the Samsung Galaxy S3

3 Best Things Users Love About the Samsung Galaxy S3

I’ve been in search for a new phone for months now since my phone (Samsung Galaxy Y Duos) is not enough for my current lifestyle anymore. Though there are a lot of phones that I can choose from, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of my choice though it’s a 2 years old phone – released on 2012.

Watching videos online, listening to people that have already used this smartphone from Samsung I was able to pick out the best things or features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that the users loved. And I think it’s just worth it to share it with you guys, I thought you might want to hear all about it too.

The 4.8 inches Display

This Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 1280 by 720 and a PenTile display – and some don’t like a phone with PenTile display but you really can’t tell (well, except you’ll try to see it in a very low resolution). The phone has a great resolution in high contrast, fluid with no stutter, and very responsive that is said to be better than Nexus phones.

Better than Your Point and Shoot

Yes, they do say that the Samsung Galaxy S3’s camera is better than your point and shoot camera, and even way better than the Nexus’ camera  – which is what I am looking for since I need to document every detail of my travel and update my social media accounts with quality photos. Plus, the users loved the fact that the camera has a lot of features itself.
Samsung Galaxy S3 sample photo. Photo Credits to PhoneArena
Samsung Galaxy S3 got an 8 megapixels camera at the back that can take 1080p videos with sharp auto focus that says to work well in low light. There’s also a camera at front, lower than the back since it’s only 1.9 megapixels but it’s already good enough for skyping purposes.


To be honest, this got me to love the phone already since I really need a phone with a big RAM. I’ll actually be happy with 1GB RAM, but giving me a phone with a 2GB RAM is really a gift from heaven for me – and that is because I only have 256mb (too slow and low for me).

It’s already 2014, is it worth it to buy? Yes, they say so even for a 2 years old smartphone. The price is though too high for my budget since it’s sold around P10, 000 ($223) to P20, 000 ($446) – well that is for a 16GB internal memory. I've checked out Amazon and for the new one (not used) is sold around $254 (and it's already unlocked but I can have it for less than $200 if I have it throgh a network in the US, but then again it's not applicable to me). But basing on what they’re saying it’s a worth it phone to buy!

Are you using the Samsung Galaxy S3? Share with us on what you think about the phone, and let me know if I should really buy it or not. Thanks!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

10 Basic Areas of the Hootsuite Dashboard

10 Basic Areas of the Hootsuite Dashboard

I’ve been using Hootsuite ever since I’ve started working as a SEO specialist, I’ve tried other social media tools too but there are only two (2) tools that standout the most and help me in social media management.

Just few weeks ago, I’ve been selected to be one of the volunteer Hootsuite Ambassador here in the Philippines and I got the opportunity to learn more about using Hootsuite.

Today, let me share with you the basic areas in the Hootsuite dashboard that you’ll usually encounter in day to day basis in using the tool. These are basic areas, both available on FREE, Hootsuite Pro, and Enterprise account. So, I think knowing these basic areas of the dashboard can be really helpful to people like you who are interested in using this social media management tool for business or personal use.

Hootsuite Dashboard 1.0

I’ve placed a number in each areas, please refer the description about that area through matching the numbers below.

1. Social Media Accounts

Basically you'll be able to find here all your CONNECTED social media accounts. You must select a profile from a specific network on this area before publishing, posting, or updating your status.

Hootsuite Dashboard 1.1

The star means it's one of your favorite profiles, and the pin sign means you're pinning the profile and that pinned profile will be constantly selected until you unpin it.

2. Compose Message 

I don't know what to call this area exactly, but it's simply where you can compose or write the message you want to post on your social media accounts. When you click on that area, you'll see the photo on Hootsuite Dashboard 1.1 wherein it will automatically expands to give you a better view and better area to write on.

It's actually a bit similar to Facebook since you can attach photo, add a map, and use the privacy option. But then, since this is a social media management tool, you can totally schedule any updates you want to post or update on your selected social media accounts.

3. Tab

I love the tabs since I do have my personal account, my blog's accounts, and of course my client's accounts to manage and with the tabs you can organize all your social media accounts so you'll not get overloaded with information and tasks.

You can rename the tab, you can re-arrange it, and you can add any contents you want it to have that we call "streams".

4. Add Stream

It's a button, when you click on it another small window will appear that will let you select what type of streams (or feeds) on a specific column.

Hootsuite Dashboard 1.2

Select the social media, select your social media account, and then select what type of streams you want to be updated with and see.

5. Add Social Network 

Of course, you can add multiple accounts on different social networks but please do note that for FREE Hootsuite users it is only limited to 3 social media accounts.

As for what social media account you can add, you can add Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Wordpress, and Mixi. But you can get streams (but not update) for multiple social media accounts through their app directory.

6. The Stream

The stream is like the feeds on Facebook, but you can be specific on what you want to read or know about. There are multiple types of streams that you can enjoy but that all depends on what social media site.

Hootsuite Dashboard 1.3
I've made the example stream above wherein all mentions on Twitter are in one (1) column so I'll get an update about it. You can specify streams for hashtags, topics (search), scheduled posts, etc.

7. Quick Search

You can use this area to search Twitter or Facebook about something, like hashtags. It's as simple as that.

8. Hootsuite Conversations

If you're working with a team, you can talk with your team here. You don't have to go outside Hootsuite to talk to them.

Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

9. Stream View

Since you can place multiple streams in one tab, surely there are streams that you wish to see immediately. You can adjust the viewing size through this tool and arrange it as you may like.

10. Hootsuite Panel

When you hover in this area this will expand and you'll see more options that you can play with at Hootsuite. You can also find the settings, app directory, analytics, tools, and more options with Hootsuite.

Love the features, go ahead and try out Hootsuite for social media management. You may visit and try it for FREE, or go ahead and try the Hootsuite Pro for 30 Days totally for FREE!

Tried it? What do you think about Hootsuite? Share it with us through living it as a comment below.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Find Your IP Address the Easiest Way?

Find IP Address

There are a lot of ways for you to find your IP address, I know about five (5) was to do it but let me just share with you the easiest way and simplest way to do it.

So this tutorial will be if you want an IP address lookup for yourself, and not someone else.

How to Find IP Address?

You don’t need any technical skills here, all you need is your computer, the ability to type and a web browser – any web browser will do but I am currently using Google Chrome.

Step #1: Go to

Yes, that's right. Just go to Google, and yes it's the tool we're using for this.
Find IP Address

Step #2: Type in "IP Address"

Go ahead and type in the word!
Find Your IP Address

Step #3: Found your IP address?

what I love about Google? It knows everything. Even your IP address.
Find IP Address

I've blurred mine for some reasons. But you'll be able to find your IP address just right there.

Please do take note that of course without an internet connection you won’t be able to use Google, so the other alternatives in finding your IP address will be wise. I’ll share with you guys the other ways in other tutorial that I’ll make on how to find IP address here in the Bloggers Tech blog.

Again, if you want an IP address lookup for someone else, this won't work. It only works if you want to know your own IP address.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5 Must Learn Basic Tools Adobe Photoshop CS5

I’ve learned how to use the Adobe Photoshop at school in college, which is part of the course that I took in college – which is Information Technology. So I must learn how to use it and produce the photos that are required, know the tools to be able to pass and graduate.

What was hard with the class that I took is that the instructor is good, he’s really good in using the Adobe Photoshop but he’s not really good in explaining and teaching us how to use it. Sadly, way back then there’s no YouTube to at least learn it at least through basic Photoshop tutorials. So we have to actually read the book, websites and see the screenshots provided.

Good thing these days, there are already sites like YouTube wherein you’ll be able to find people who can do the job and what’s great is that, it’s totally for free for you to watch and learn!

5 Basic Photoshop Tutorials

A lot of my readers here are bloggers and they’re asking me sometimes how was I able to do things using the Photoshop and sometimes they want me to teach them. So hopefully, these couple of basic Photoshop video tutorials from will be able to help you learn at least the basics in using the software.

I’ll share with you my top five (5) Photoshop CS5 tutorials, video tutorials that are created by wherein it was uploaded by PhotoshopTute (no copyrights intended on my side) that I think you must watch if you really want to learn at least the total basics. Which are the following:

Photoshop Layer Basics

I think getting to know how to use the Photoshop layers will be able to help you understand and create multiple images into one. So in the Photoshop CS5 tutorial above will surely help you get to know the basics about layers.

Photoshope Basic Select

One of the questions that ask me when they watch me working on a photo is about selecting. This another basic photoshop tutorial will surely help you which is about the selection tool could help you create and select a photo.

Photoshop Cropping Options

I usually use the selection tool in cropping the photo, but I guess this is the best practice to do.

Free Transform

My friends saw photos of mine that I'm somewhere else or someone else, so with free transform, you'll be able to get the idea how I did it using the Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop Background

The important thing in an image, or part of the image is the background. So I think the basic about the background and getting to know about the background layer is important,especially for newbies. No worries, it's just easy Photoshop tutorial it will be no sweat to you!

I’ve tried my best to find easy Photoshop tutorials online but these videos are the best that I could find. So if you have a better video then leave it as a comment below so others will know about the video, or probably about your video. And oh, the videos are not arranged on how important it is.

Again, the videos above are just the basic Photoshop tutorials something that you could start with in editing photos that you want to share on your Facebook or even your blog. You could totally make an image out of it using these Adobe Photoshop tutorials and hopefully it will be pretty useful too.

More of Photoshop tutorials, tips and a lot more coming here in Bloggers Tech blog, so follow us and subscribe to our updates to stay in touch!

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